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About the School

The CMR University School of Architecture was established in the academic year 2015-16. Since then, it has carved a niche for itself in the field of architectural education. The emphasis on ‘practice to theory’ and ‘theory to practice’ makes the architectural program competitive and relevant to the profession and society. The maker-centred pedagogy is an integrated process of hands-on, experiential, reflective, directed as well as independent learning. The school believes in the pursuit of performance and output of the faculty and students in a focused manner, making CMRU one of the top universities for B.Arch. in India.

The School’s faculty brings decades of experience at the highest levels of the profession. CMR University Bangalore has drawn leaders in the field of architectural education to form the core team of faculty. Leading architects from India and abroad comprising visiting faculty will give students an insight into the trends and requirements of the real world within the academic framework.

The School of Architecture CMR University has the approval of the Council of Architecture, New Delhi which is the statutory body regulating Architectural Profession and Education in India and is allotted the code no KA-37.


To be a recognized maker-centred School of Architecture where creative and competent professionals are honed to be socially and ecologically relevant, and become humane global citizens addressing the changing needs of the contemporarily built environment


  • Attract and retain well-qualified full-time faculty and highly skilled Architecture processionals.
  • Create necessary infrastructure appropriate to the needs of programs and activities of the S
  • Create and facilitate an ambience for interdisciplinary engagement among students and faculty and an attitude for learning by doing.
  • Develop and operate mutually beneficial programs partnering with Architecture processionals and NGO’s.
  • Create the necessary framework for faculty and students to engage in professional competitions, assignments and research.
  • Engage with building industry, civic bodies and the general public to work towards addressing the civic issues of Bengaluru city and its environment.
  • Create mechanisms to understand and address societal problems in order to make a positive impact in social, economic and ecological terms.
  • Create necessary online and offline information infrastructure.

Academic Programmes

Under graduate Programmes



How We Engage

Students are engaged in a variety of activities in the School. They include studio guidance for the main course of Architectural Design lectures and quizzes on knowledge based supportive courses like history and theory, hands-on work in the foundation studies and Mid-semester workshops, working with various digital media including the latest software, engaging in field work for surveying of sites, site visits and study tours. The idea is to make the student well rounded in all the gamut of activities related to the ecology and human habitat.


Student Clubs


  • We promote all round development of a student by organising a wide range of academic co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Students are given a platform to showcase their talents and skills to enhance their personalities.
  • ‘Chingari’ is the annual student exhibition at the School of Architecture. Started in 2016, the event is a platform for students to showcase their work to industry representatives, interact with experts and gain exposure in the field of architecture. As evident from its name, the aim of the event is to kindle the motivation among students to keep learning and educating themselves about architecture. The School of Architecture has successfully organized three exhibitions.
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Full Scale

Located in the CMRIT campus, the school is in the heart  of India’s IT capital and well-connected to the rest of the city.

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Our library contains more than 1000 books on Architecture and allied fields. We subscribe to 16 national and international journals.

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Exhibition Hall

Displayed on a permanent basis, this space features the best works of students in the courses of Architectural design, building construction and materials, basic design etc.

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Material Museum

It consists of the display of various building materials like walling materials, flooring materials, ceiling materials, acoustic materials etc.

Visual arts room View details

Visual Arts Room

It comprises of the works done by students including freehand drawing, sketching, painting etc.

Life at CMRU, School of Architecture.


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