Office of Student Affairs

About Us


CMR University, true to its motto of nurturing creative thinkers to drive positive global change lays significant emphasis on participation, personal development and application of skills in various student engagements and activities outside the classroom environment. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is dedicated to providing students with opportunities, support and resources through Learning, Engagement and Advancement Programmes (LEAP). This program facilitates co-curricular activities, establishes student centric learning environments and creates diverse opportunities for community building and leadership.


Our Mission

  • Learning: to provide students with skills, tools and resources to ensure that they thrive and grow at the university and beyond
  • Engagement: to promote an environment where students learn to support each other and build communities that uplift people and spaces
  • Advancement: to support students as they develop a deeper understanding of themselves and inculcate consistent reflective practices to improve their wellbeing

Our Principles

We believe that all students should have a plethora of learning opportunities, skill enhancement workshops and transformative experiences during their time at CMR University. To ensure that all students have a safe and dynamic space to lead, engage, achieve and participate, the Learning Engagement Advancement Programmes (LEAP) are structured around the following key principles of the institution.

1. Preparing for Success:

      1. students will be able to prepare for a successful and fulfilling career

2. Knowing Self & Community:

      1. students will be able to understand themselves better and engage with issues across the globe

3. Contributing to Society:

    1. students will be able to develop and apply their skills, knowledge and resources for the greater community