Creativity, Collaborative Learning and Diversity

Emphasis on Creativity and Innovation

An old Chinese proverb states “I listen, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.”  Along the same lines, the University curriculum gives importance to ‘learning by doing’ through hands-on, activity-based exercises. Creativity, Design Thinking and innovation modules are an integral part of the majority of academic programmes offered at CMRU. Faculty members are also trained in Design Thinking, and they apply these tools in planning classroom sessions and student activities.


Focus on Collaborative Learning

We believe that the process of sharing ideas, knowledge and experience is key. Collaborative learning allows students to engage in positive ways that leads to the development of their organizational skills, their ability to teamwork, and the art of giving and receiving feedback.

At CMRU, a unique component of student assessment criteria is the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). The CCE measures students’ abilities through their contribution to various activities, team projects and case studies. These modules are structured in ways that make peer learning an integral part of every course. Each student is an active participant in the learning process and the role of a professor is that of a facilitator. Instruction is designed to engage students in learning experiences that enable them to not only learn concepts but also to develop greater insights towards practical application.


Diverse Student Body

The student body at CMR University’ is culturally diverse and unique. Our students hail from across India and nearly 60 countries worldwide. With such a wide-ranging representation of culture, people and places, the University campus is an ethnically diverse microcosm in the city of Bangalore. In this environment, it is easy for students to develop an appreciation and respect for cultural differences, and become aware of the unconscious assumptions and behaviors that influence interactions.