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The School of Design (SOD) has been established in the year 2021. The emphasis on "Practice to Theory" and "Theory to Practice" makes the Design programme competitive and relevant to society. The Maker-Centered pedagogy, followed at the School of Design, is an integrated process of hands-on experiential learning and independent thinking.

The school’s faculty bring decades of experience from the highest levels of their profession. At CMRU, leading Design professionals from India and abroad offer students an insight into the trends and requirements of the real-world within the academic framework.

Why CMRU School of Design

CMR University (CMRU) School of Design is dedicated to delivering programmes that are driven by emphasis on collaborative learning, interaction with industry experts, relevant curriculum, and personal development that nurture creative thinkers and doers to become:

The future designers are NOT JUST DESIGNERS

How do we do it?

This is achieved by structured delivery of guidance not only in terms of building core design competency in students, but also interweaving structured courses in soft and leadership skills, personal growth and career preparedness, establishing three main pillars in our academic programmes, that makes a Bachelor of Design programme unlike any in the country:

3 Pillars of Academics at the CMRU School of Design

Pillars of Academics at the CMRU School of Design

Pillar 1 - Design Core Curriculum (National and International Credit-based)

CMR School of Design is dedicated to creating opportunities for students to connect with the world around them glocally. The main conceptual drive for all design programmes are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Pillar 2 - Common Core Curriculum (Credit based + Graduate Requirement)

Preparing for Success
Knowing Self and Community
Contributing to Society

Pillar 3 - LEAP Curriculum (Learning, Engagement, and Advancement) (LEAP Record)

Focus on co-curricular activities
Personal growth and development of students

Course Curriculum

While gaining core competency in relevant knowledge and skills required to be a successful designer of today and tomorrow, students are guided to consider UNSDGs in their projects

CMRU School of Design Course Curriculum
School of Design Course Curriculum

CMR University and its School of Design strives to ensure that students are equipped with 21st Century competencies that are required to thrive in the ‘University of Life’, with the vision of “Nurturing creative thinkers who will drive positive global change”.

Towards this end the Department of Common Core Curriculum (DCCC) aims to prepare all the students who enroll in the various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the various Schools of the University, for a future, they do not know, jobs that do not exist today and all of life’s challenges that lay before them.

Interlaced with the Programme Core Curriculum, the Common Core Curriculum (CCC) courses are offered to all the students irrespective of the academic programme that they pursue.

These courses are designed on the foundations of the following 3 main aspects:

  1. Preparing for success – Building successful career pathways, including entrepreneurship, higher education, research and job opportunities
  2. Contributing to society – Empowering socially conscious, empathetic, and responsible future leaders
  3. Knowing self and community - Understanding the importance of inquiry at the individual, national and global levels, with cultural awareness and ethics

The Common Core Curriculum (CCC) has been launched from the academic year 2021-22 and offered as both Credit and Graduate Requirement courses, which all students must complete along with their program curriculum courses in order to be eligible to graduate.

OSA Objectives: L E A P

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is dedicated to providing students with opportunities, support and resources through Learning, Engagement and Advancement Programs (LEAP).To ensure that all students have a safe and dynamic space to lead, engage, achieve and participate, the Learning Engagement Advancement Programs (LEAP) offered by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is structured around the following key principles of the institution.

  • Preparing for Success: students will be able to prepare for a successful and fulfilling career
  • Knowing Self & Community: students will be able to understand themselves better and engage with issues across the globe
  • Contributing to Society: students will be able to develop and apply their skills, knowledge and resources for the greater community
Following are the main objectives of this programme:

Student-centric learning environments

Student-led initiatives

Diverse opportunities for community building and leadership experiences to understand themselves and navigate the world around them.

OSA Framework: L E A P

  • Learning: to provide students with skills, tools and resources to ensure that they thrive and grow at the university and beyond
  • Engagement: to promote an environment where students learn to support each other and build communities that uplift people and spaces
  • Advancement: to support students as they develop a deeper understanding of themselves and inculcate consistent reflective practices to improve their wellbeing

Six Streams

This stream focuses on learning from each other and working independently on your passion projects to build a learning environment that is not confined to a particular discipline rather focuses on the interconnections between different subject areas.

  • CMRUx Courses
  • CMRU Roundtable

This stream is centered on developing leadership and mentorship skills and exposing students to various opportunities to improve their adaptability & flexibility in unfamiliar environments.

  • CMRU Lead - Leadership Boot Camps & Summit
  • CMRU Ambassadors

Developing communication skills and developing programmes that support student creativity and dialogue is the objective of this stream.

  • CMRU Editorial
  • First Draft

CMRUx Community concentrates in building networks and creating a sense of community on campus amongst students across disciplines. Looking at all the different identity pieces to create a socially aware and inclusive campus.

  • CMRU Student Clubs
  • CMRU Student Engagement Fair
  • CMRU Student Council
  • CMRU Student Council
  • CMRU Events

This stream is to build social awareness through actions that strengthen communities outside the university and develop a deeper understanding of the world we are living in.

  • CMRU Cares - PrePair Mentorship Program

The prime objective of this stream is building a supportive community and accessible learning environment to ensure that students thrive.

  • First Year Initiative
  • Residence 101

LEAP Quotient

L - Lead Max. 10

Student organises, plans and coordinates activities or initiatives on campus

E - Engage Max. 10

Student volunteers their time for community activities, students clubs, extension activities and other CMRU events

A - Achieve Max. 10

Student receives an award, prizes or recognition for their contribution; publishes research papers

P - Participate Max. 10

Student successfully completes a course, participates in conferences, and contributes to editorials and newsletters

OSA weekly Activities

1. Monday COE (Newsletter)
2. Tuesday Office hours (Online) (12:30-1:30 p.m)
3. Wednesday LEAP Hours (2.30 to 4.30 pm)
4. Thursday Office hours(Online) (12:30-1:30 p.m)
5. Friday OSA Weekly (Newsletter) & LEAP Hours (2.30 to 4.30 pm)
6. Saturday CMRUxCourses/Roundtable/First Draft




Specializations: Design for Digital Experiences (UX Design) and Graphic Design for Print

Programme Duration: 4 years

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Specializations: Furniture, Lifestyle Products, Lighting, Toy, Appliance Design

Programme Duration: 4 years

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Specializations: Apparel Design and Accessory Design

Programme Duration: 4 years

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Specializations: Residential Interiors and Exhibition Spaces

Programme Duration: 4 years

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Career Opportunities

Unlike in other disciplines, placement of each individual design student depends on the portfolio of work which is prepared during all four years of the programme. The best projects are curated and compiled in a portfolio which is presented with the potential industry employers during the placements.

Typically, a student with a good portfolio of projects is able to demonstrate his/her knowledge, skills and capacity to the future employer, and the placement at CMRU SOD takes place based on this.

Young designers in India are sought after and the creative industry in India needs fresh talent.

The remuneration package for a Bachelor’s level design graduate currently averages from 4 to 6 Lakhs per annum, but it is not unusual for design graduates to receive placement offers even upto 12 Lakhs per annum, depending on their demonstrable capacity and company offering.

CMRU SOD is dedicated to collaborating closely with the creative industry, ensuring students receive early exposure, work on collaborative projects, intern during their programmes at CMRU School of Design even prior to the final year, and making them prepared for a successful career in design.

Admission Process

  • The complete application process for admissions is paperless and online, keeping the sustainability commitment of the University.
  • Candidates who wish to seek admission to any programme of the School of Design, if fulfilling the eligibility criteria as laid down in the prospectus, are required to apply online or may walk-in to the Admission Office in person and apply online with the guidance of the admission Counselor.
  • To apply online, visit - admissions.cmr.edu.in
  • For more details visit our website: www.cmr.edu.in

Complete your online application form. Click here https://admissions.cmr.edu.in/

Keep the following documents ready for upload in the form:

  • 10th and 12th class certificates ready for upload. (If you are still attending your 12th class, and cannot upload the certificate, your application will still be accepted provided you upload the class 10 certificate.)
  • Aadhar card copy
  • A photo of your signature
  • 1 passport size photograph

Please note that your application is complete only upon online payment of the Application Fee of Rs 1000/-

2) Complete your Design AptitudeTest (CMRU DAT) or upload your NATA, NID, NIFT, or UCEED results

Students who successfully complete the CMRU DAT are eligible for a CMRU DAT scholarship based on the results of the test.

There are no separate charges for taking the CMRU DAT.

3) Upload your portfolio

Once you apply, an email confirmation is sent to your email id and a counselor will call you. You will also receive a unique link by email where you can upload your portfolio

4) Personal Interview

Once you successfully complete the above steps, you will be invited to attend your personal interview online or at our campus.

5) Confirm your admission

Candidates who successfully complete the entrance exam will be admitted on a first-come-first basis

The Admission offer letter will be sent by email, along with a link for the online payment of the first installment of Rs.50,000/-.

The schedule of payment of the remaining fee for the academic year 2024-25 will be communicated by email.

Last Date for Application Submission CMRUAT (Online mode test) Portfolio Evaluation (online submission mode)
17 January 2024 Till January 31, 2024 February 2024
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CMRU Infrastructure

CMR believes that the best of learning happens hands-on, which is why we have integrated Design Thinking Philosophy in our academic curriculum in order to enable and empower our students to tackle industry demands. In this regard, the School of Design has established specialized Design Labs and Studios for according practical exposure to students:

Student Feedback Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Bachelor of Design, B. Design, or B Des, is an undergraduate-level course in different types of designs (like jewellery design, product design, fashion design, interior design, etc.) pursued by students at college. Students can pursue this course at the top design colleges in Bangalore after passing class 12th in any stream.

B. Design courses in Bangalore CMR University's B.Des program provides excellent faculty, industry-relevant curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, internship opportunities, and strong career prospects in various design fields. It helps students develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

B.Des graduates have a wide scope of career opportunities in fields such as graphic design, product design, fashion design, interior design, UX/UI design, and more. They can work in various industries and organizations, start their businesses, or pursue freelancing careers.

B Des colleges in Bangalore CMR University is one of the best colleges for pursuing a Bachelor of Design (B.Des) program. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a holistic education that includes a design thinking approach, an emphasis on UN Sustainable Goals, and a focus on 'Make in India' initiative. Our faculty members are highly experienced and provide hands-on training to students in various design disciplines. We also have state-of-the-art facilities that allow students to experiment with different materials and techniques. Overall, our B.Des program equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to make meaningful contributions to the design industry and the society at large.

The admission process for B Des at CMR University’s Design School in Bangalore is quite simple. Students just need to register themselves on the university's website. Get the email verified. Thereafter, they can submit the duly completed application form. Visit the admissions section for detailed instructions.

The CMR University's Design School in Bangalore has a training & placement cell that runs a special training programme for students in the second and third years. Trainers conduct group discussions, mock interviews, special classes on communication, and verbal & quantitative aptitude, which helps them crack different competitive exams and face interviews at prestigious organisations. Students also get the opportunity to create their portfolio while completing their 3-year internship at various companies.

Please visit the Fee Structure page

The CMR Design School in Bangalore offers B Des as a 4-year programme