Your perspective and artistic eye for colour, and a strong penchant for the right style, can be in high demand in the design world. If you’re someone who always strives to make things visually appealing, you can thrive in a career related to design.

Photography, image editing, video editing, animation, drawing, and styling; if such hobbies come naturally to you, a career in design is perfectly suited for such creative and artistic individuals like you. All you need to do is capitalize on these hobbies. You can pursue an educational course such as a Bachelor of Design (B.Des) that teaches you the nitty-gritty of the design world.

With the right blend of theoretical and practical learning, a B.Des degree will open up new doors for you in the world of design. You can do internships and projects for hands-on experience and to figure out your area of specialisation.

After completing B.Des, you can either pursue a Master’s in design in your preferred domain like product design, graphic design, fashion design and more or take up a job you like.

This article will take you through the various specializations in the B.Des course, the eligibility and duration of the course, the career prospects in the field of design, and the mention of the best design school in Bangalore.

Top Specialisations of Bachelor of Design (B.Des) Course

With the ever-increasing popularity of the design industry, various specializations have come to light. Here’s a list of some top specializations in the field of design:

  • B.Des: Interior Design – It focuses on the components of designing an interior space, which could be a room, building and occasionally even the exterior.
  • B.Des: Fashion Design – The idea is to learn about technology and garment design while producing beautiful apparel.
  • B.Des: Product Design – The goal is to help students create designer, marketable products.
  • B.Des: Communication Design – The strengths are in communication designing and visual communication.
Eligibility and Duration of B.Des

With a total of four academic years, a B.Des degree is further split into eight semesters (two each year). The courses are UGC recognised too. A typical B.Des aspirant should have an inclination towards design, animations, visuals, and creative thinking and he/she should develop the ability to ideate and visually depict the concepts.

In terms of academic criteria, here’s what you’ll need to apply for this programme:

  • Fluency in English (if the medium of instruction is English).
  • Qualify the minimum entry scores set by the institution as well as any other prerequisites for preferred majors.
  • Pass 10+2 or an equivalent exam in any stream from a recognised board.
  • A 50% minimum percentage criteria in the entrance exam is required in some institutions for admission in the B.Des course.
Career Opportunities in B.Des

Going forward, a master’s degree helps you develop a thorough understanding of a particular topic and enables you to pursue a career in a similar industry. Some master’s programmes allow students to collaborate formally or informally with other creatives, such as filmmakers.

Taking classes at the graduate level also allows you to build a bigger network professionally and expand your portfolio. For example, a bachelor of design in visual communication improves the candidates’ prospects. Further education or long-distance programmes are also a fantastic choice for learning new skills or polishing existing ones. Well-designed products will not go out of trend in the near future.

Benefits of B.Des Course
  • Needless to say, it is the first step to pursuing higher education like a M.Des (Master’s in Design).
  • A special gateway to self-employment opportunities and generating jobs for others.
  • Qualified professionals receive the bonus fame, success and high pay packages for their hard work.
  • Prepares you for all types of industrial spaces as a specialised design professional.
The Career Scope

If art, creative thinking, and communication are your forte; you can have a bright career in the world of design and technology. Whether you want to decide how a mobile app or game interface will look or create animations, for all these things, there’s a design job out there for you. In the coming years, there will be a high demand for UI/UX designers, Art Directors, Product Designers, Augmented Reality Designers and game designers. For all these careers, an eye for aesthetics is much coveted. A B. Des degree will give you the right head start in this direction.

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