Information for Parents

Making the transition from school to university or even from the undergraduate level to the postgraduate level is not always easy. From choosing the right course to adjusting to university life, the process can be challenging for students.

As a parent, there are many ways you can help. The following information is intended to direct you to resources that will help you offer your child the guidance and support he/she needs.


What you need to know

 Campus Safety and Security

Our university security department is on duty 24-7 to monitor and maintain campus security. On-campus safety procedures have been designed to keep students, parents, and employees informed of situations on campus. CMRU’s systems, in line with established safety protocols, enable us to notify students, parents, and employees in case of emergency, via text messaging. Opting into the program will allow you to receive SMS messages with updates on your ward’s class attendance or regarding any other emergencies.