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CMR University School of Legal Studies has been ranked 4th amongst best Private Law Schools in South India in 2021, by The Week.

CMR University School of Legal Studies has been ranked 6th amongst all Law Schools in South India, in 2021, by The Week.

CMR University School of Legal Studies has been ranked 12th amongst Private Law Schools in India in 2021, by The Week.

CMR University School of Legal Studies has been ranked 21st amongst all Law Schools in India in 2021, by The Week.

School of Economics and Commerce

About the School

Be it an emphasis on collaborative learning, interaction with experts,
professional skills, or relevant curriculum, every aspect of the academic programme at CMR University’s School of Economics and Commerce(SOEC) is adequately addressed. Through our high quality academic programmes, we groom students with the aim to make them industry-ready professionals armed with hands-on knowledge in their selected field of specialization. Strong tie-ups with our globally known knowledge partners and CMR group’s
legacy in the field of education complements this unique learning journey at CMR University.

The School of Economics and Commerce (SOEC) offers quality commerce programmes in the Undergraduate (UG), Postgraduate (PG), and Doctoral (Ph.D.) levels. The School of Economics and Commerce, CMR University Bengaluru aims to nurture students to be professionally capable of working in diverse areas such as accounting, finance, insurance and banking .

Students of our academic programmes graduate with a concrete understanding of relevant subject-knowledge and strong problem-solving skills.

To become a leading centre in Economics and Commerce education, driven by innovation, ethics and sustainability.


  1. To offer high quality need-based programmes in ‘Economics and Commerce’ for inclusive growth of the Society and Economy.
  2. To engage talented intellectual capital with strong diversity in knowledge and experience for relevant knowledge creation and dissemination.
  3. To focus on research-led education with emphasis on innovation and interdisciplinary learning.
  4. To be a driver of social and economic change through positive knowledge interventions.

Key Features:

  • Academic Programmes designed by a team of Chartered Accountants, Industry Experts and Seasoned Academicians from India and abroad.
  • Emphasis on collaborative learning process through modern pedagogy.
  • Providing strong practical perspective through continuous interaction with business and industry professionals.
  • Focus on emerging subject areas like International Accounting & Finance, International Business & Finance, and Strategic Finance in collaboration with international knowledge partners.
  • Opportunity to enhance knowledge and skill sets through certifications offered by reputed industry partners like IBM, Tally and others.
  • Students have the option to visit partner universities and institutions abroad.

All Programmes

Under graduate Programmes

Post graduate Programmes

Doctoral Programmes

Certificate Programmes

Resources and Support @ CMRU

The faculty at the SOEC comprises of chartered accountants, cost accountants, industry experts and seasoned academicians. The faculty members have rich experience in the field of accounting, finance and BFSI and draw upon their expertise in the classroom.

Business Analytics Lab:
CMRU provides excellent infrastructure. It is equipped with state-of the  art IT facilities, powered by server- based local network; high speed and secure internet connection with an in-house IBM Business Analytics Lab.

Industry Interface: The campus has established excellent interface with the corporate world in various sectors. Professional direction for students is offered by Career Development Cell through the involvement of key industry professionals, act as mentors.

Internship and Placements: Mandatory internships in organizations are provided based on competency mapping of students’ knowledge and skill sets with the job profiles.

Wireless Hotspots: In addition to the wired network, the entire campus has a parallel wireless Network. The networked resources can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the campus.

Library: Fully computerized and well stocked library with textbooks, reference books, periodicals, journals, newspapers and CDs.