At CMR University, we explore, discover, and create. This is something we live by. We innovate with an impact. We do things that matter. Do you see yourself as one amongst us?

At CMRU, you will have the opportunity to work alongside an incredibly motivated team, to give every student a chance at a well-rounded, quality education.

We invite talented and enthusiastic individuals with a passion for teaching and research to apply. Fill up the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Talent Team 

Phone –  09108542221.
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Current Openings

    1. Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors

CMR University, Bengaluru invites applications for Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors.
School of Engineering & Technology
Electronics & Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Intelligent Systems, Robotics, Cyber Security, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
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School of Architecture
Architectural Design, Building Construction Technology, Environmental Studies & Landscape, History of Architecture, Art & Culture and Human Settlements
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School of Design
Visual Communication, Industrial, Textile and Ceramic Design
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School of Management
Finance, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Information Management, IT & Business, System Management, Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics
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School of Economics & Commerce
Economics, Finance, Taxation, Accounting and Banking, Data Analytics, Business Statistics and Mathematics
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School of Social Sciences & Humanities
Psychology, Counselling, Rehabilitation & Clinical Psychology, Human Resource Development, Psychometry, Journalism, Mass Communication, Social Work, Sociology, English, Hindi and Kannada
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School of Science Studies
Networking, Data Mining & Data Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
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School of Legal Studies
Administrative, Business, Commercial, Constitutional, Criminal, Cyber, Environmental, Intellectual Property, International, Human Rights, Labour, Tax, Air and Space Law
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    1. Curriculum Designers

CMR University, Bengaluru invites applications for Curriculum Designers
Experience in Designing & Developing Curriculum, Instructional Strategies and Assessments in Higher Education
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    1. Coding Trainers

CMR University, Bengaluru invites applications for Coding Trainers
Engineering background with experience in conducting coding training for Engineering and IT students
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    1. Community Service Lead

CMR University, Bengaluru invites applications for Community Service Lead
Experience in developing community partnerships with social service organizations and soliciting and conducting volunteer projects for student community service engagements
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    1. Leadership Roles

CMR University, Bengaluru invites applications for Leadership Roles -
Registrar (Evaluation), Director - Directorate of Research & Innovation, Director - IQAC, Director - Physical Education
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    1. Senior Roles

CMR University, Bengaluru invites applications for Senior Roles - Deputy Registrars, IQAC Coordinator
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    1. Supervisory Roles

CMR University, Bengaluru invites applications for Supervisory Roles - Assistant Registrars, Placement Officers, Career Counsellors
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    1. Other Roles

CMR University, Bengaluru invites applications for the following roles - Librarians, Library Assistants, Assistant Finance Officers, Accounts Executives, System Administrators, Lab Instructors (Electronics, Computer Science & Mechanical Engg.), Physical Education Instructors, Executive Assistants, Office Assistants, Admission Counsellors, Tele-Counsellors, Marketing Executives, Administration Executives, HR Executives, Campus Managers, Wardens, Security Personnel
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