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CMR University School of Legal Studies has been ranked 4th amongst best Private Law Schools in South India in 2021, by The Week.

CMR University School of Legal Studies has been ranked 6th amongst all Law Schools in South India, in 2021, by The Week.

CMR University School of Legal Studies has been ranked 12th amongst Private Law Schools in India in 2021, by The Week.

CMR University School of Legal Studies has been ranked 21st amongst all Law Schools in India in 2021, by The Week.

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

About the School

Be it an emphasis on collaborative learning, interaction with experts, professional skills, or relevant curriculum, every aspect of the academic programme at CMR University’s School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SOSSH) is adequately addressed.

Through our high quality academic programmes, we groom students with the aim to make them industry-ready professionals armed with hands-on knowledge in their selected field of specialization. Strong tie-ups with our globally known knowledge partners and CMR group’s
legacy in the field of education complements this unique learning journey at CMR University.


To be a leading knowledge centre, empowering through creative teaching – learning and research for global social well-being.


  • To facilitate effective delivery of academic programs in Social Sciences and Humanities using creative pedagogy.
  • To create and disseminate knowledge through scholarly multidisciplinary research.
  • To work for (and with) different stakeholders in identifying and solving problems of community and society.

Key Features:

Focussing on the need for knowledge-driven and sustainable progress at focal point, the School aims to-

  • Promote global humanities and social science understanding through quality education.
  • Being a leading school of humanities and social science in developing transformational ideas and people who shape the art of humanities and social science.
  • Developing cutting edge research that leads to deep understanding of the practice of social science research.
  • Providing a transformational learning experience enabling our stakeholders to realise their full potential.
  • Working in close partnership with stakeholders, both in research and teaching activities to catalyse the impact of our work.

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Resources and Support @ CMRU

Faculty: The faculty at the SOSSH comprises of subject experts, practitioners and industry experts. The faculty members have rich experience in the field of their respective specialization.

Industry Interface: The campus has established excellent interface with the organizations in various sectors. Professional direction for students is offered by Career Development Cell through the involvement of key industry professionals, who act as mentors.

Internship and Placements: Mandatory internships in organizations is provide based on competency mapping of students’ knowledge and skill-sets with the job profiles.

Wireless Hotspots: In addition to the wired network, the entire campus has a parallel wireless Network. The networked resources can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the campus.

Library: Fully computerized and well stocked library with textbooks, reference books, periodicals, journals, newspapers and CDs.


Student Clubs

The School of Social Science and Humanities has formed three specialized clubs: Psychology Club; Literature and Journalism Club; and Community Development and Social Work Club. These clubs provide students opportunity to learn through co and extra-curricular activities.

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Social Work in the Field

The community-partnership and experiential learning is an essential part of most of our academic programmes, giving students opportunity to work on real-world problems. Our students are regularly engaged in field-work with aim to:

  • Learn to diagnose and treat mental, behavioural and emotional disorders, provide individual, group, family and couples therapy, and perform psychosocial assessments of common mental health problems.
  • Prepare to work in direct practice with families seeking support and resources to rise above adversity or stabilize after a crisis through assessment, resource coordination, counselling, support and advocacy.
  • Develop the skills to lead individuals, organizations and communities as they seek change, holistic improvements and policy changes through collective action.


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