Accelerated Credit Course Programme (ACCP)

CMR University introduces the online mode for its Accelerated Credit Course Programme (ACCP), now available to Higher Secondary students from CMR/Ekya Schools across various streams. This innovative initiative presents students with the chance to proactively earn advanced certifications and credits while immersing themselves in modern, specialized fields, thus enriching their academic portfolio. To take advantage of this opportunity, you are invited to enroll in an ACCP course by indicating your top two preferences on the form provided below. Registration is open until 17 August 2023. Seize this chance to elevate your educational journey with CMR University's ACCP online courses.


ACCP is offered to students of higher secondary level irrespective of their streams, Board of Studies. The students can register for any of the courses that are being offered. If a student has attended at least 85 percent of the classes and secured a minimum of 50% in the assessment in a particular ACCP course is said to have completed the course successfully. All students who complete the course successfully are awarded certificates. All students who complete the course successfully and take admission into an undergraduate programme in CMRU not only receive a certificate but also earn a credit. However, a student can acquire only a maximum of 2 credits against the 2 courses that have been completed successfully prior to the commencement of the Undergraduate programme.

The requirements for the courses are as follows:

  • Eligibility: All students can choose any course (1 or more) from the basket of ACCP

  • Duration: 15 Hours

  • Course Fee: INR 1000/ - per course

  • Days: Monday to Friday

  • Time: 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM

  • Mode of Conduct: Online

  • Minimum attendance required for course completion : 85 %

  • Minimum percentage of marks required for course completion : 50%

  • Deliverables: 

  1. Certificate (For all registered students who have completed the course successfully)

  2. Certificate and Credit (For all students who complete the course successfully and take admission at CMR University)

  • Maximum no. of ACCP credits a student can earn in AY [23-24]: 2

  • Minimum cohort size : 20  

  • Course details: 


Artificial Intelligence (SOM)


4.30 pm to 5.30 pm


Design 101 (SOD)


4.30 pm to 5.30 pm

i) To Earn a Certificate

ii) To Earn a Certificate and a Credit


To earn a Certificate

To earn a Certificate and a Credit

Attendance %

85 %

85 %

Pass %

50 %

50 %

Admitted to CMRU




Programme Level

Number of credits to be treated and the Semester in which Credits earned to be treated

Course 1

Course 2



1 Credit in II Semester

1 Credit in III Semester



1 Credit in II Semester

1 Credit in III Semester



1 Credit in II Semester

1 Credit in III Semester



1 Credit in II Semester

1 Credit in III Semester



1 Credit in II Semester

1 Credit in III Semester



1 Credit in II Semester

1 Credit in III Semester



1 Credit in II Semester

1 Credit in III Semester



1 Credit in II Semester

1 Credit in III Semester

  • Register for the course (one at a time) using the form below.

  • Attend the Orientation Session (14 Oct 2023).

  • Attend classes regularly.

  • Diligently participate in sessional activities.

  • Complete assignments and assessments as per the curriculum

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is 15 hours spread over 3 weeks, i.e. 28 Aug to 15 Sep 2023. The sessions will be conducted everyday for 1 hour from Monday to Friday tentatively between 4.30 PM and 7.30 PM depending on the availability of the resource persons.

Is the course online or offline?

The Accelerated Credit Course Programme (ACCP) sessions will be in online mode.

How should I choose my course(s)?

A student is allowed to choose two preferences (Eg. Preference-1 – Digital Skills and Preference-2 – Cybersecurity). The course will be offered based on the minimum number of registrations (20 applicants) for a particular course.

How much is the course fee?

Post registration of your preferred course, you will be asked to make a payment of INR 1000 only. (Note: This is the fee for 1 course)

How will I know if my name is registered?

You will get a confirmation mail / message from within 48 hours of your registration.

When will I get the course link to join the Orientation and the Sessions?

The confirmation of the course which will be offered to you will be communicated to you by 21 August 2023. A day prior to the Orientation Session (26 Aug 2023), the link for the Orientation and other Sessions will be shared with you via email by the resource person who will be handling your course.

Will there be a refund of the fee paid?

The refund of the fee paid will be only under two circumstances

  • If CMRU doesn’t conduct the ACC programme post your registration
  • If CMRU discontinues the ACC programme midway.

Will the course include any assessments?

Yes! All the courses offered as part of the ACCP will have a minimum of 2 assessments which will be conducted during the 2nd and 3rd week of the course for 25 marks each (the date and time of the assessment will be announced by the respective resource person).

Will any study material/learning material be shared with the students?

Yes. The learning material will be shared by the resource person in the form of soft copies.

Will feedback be taken regarding the course?

Yes. The feedback will be taken twice.

  • The first round of feedback will be taken after a week of the commencement of the course
  • The next round of feedback will be taken just before the conclusion of the course.

Will any assignments be part of the course?

Yes. The course will include activities and assignments.

What is the eligibility criteria for getting an ACCP e-certificate?

A student who has attended 85% of the sessions and obtained a minimum of 50% marks in the assessments conducted will be eligible for an ACCP Certificate.

What is the eligibility criteria for getting ACCP credit?

If a student who has completed an ACC programme successfully gets admitted to any Undergraduate programme at CMR University will be entitled to an Advance Credit (1 credit) for having successfully completed at least 1 ACC programme.