CMR Centre for English and Foreign Languages (CCEFL)

The English Language programmes offered by the CMR Centre for English and Foreign Languages (CCEFL) under the aegis of CMR University, enables learners from various backgrounds to enhance their communication skills, making them effective and proficient in both written / verbal communication as well as presentation.

The programmes are offered at four levels under two categories, General English and Professional (Business) English (targeted at students of management / commerce). Students can opt for one of the streams from the Second Level, as the first is common to both. The programmes help the students attain the required standard to pursue further academic and / or professional programmes.

Training is conducted at four levels under both the categories for adult learners, and are intended for both Indian and International students who wish to enhance their English language skills, and may be either taken as independent course(s) or prior to pursuing a full-time academic degree programme at CMR University.


Key Facts







3 Months

Basic Knowledge of English



3 Months

Completed First Level of the programme



3 Months

Completed Second Level of the programme



3 Months

Completed Third Level of the programme

Higher Diploma


Course completion certificates will be issued by CMR University at each level. Students will be placed at different grades based on the level of proficiency achieved. A student will be expected to score 80% or more at a level in order to proceed to the next level of the programme.

Since the training programmes are pegged to the Common European Framework of Reference, students may opt to appear for exams conducted by Cambridge University at the appropriate level, on completion of each 3-month programme. Students will be recommended to appear for these international exams based on the proficiency achieved by them at the end of each level.