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CMR Life Skills Institute


Life Skills Institute provides hope and healing by providing a timely “Hand UP”!

CMR Life Skills Institute (CMRLSI), is the training arm of the CMR Group of Institutions (CMRGI), a conglomerate comprising of over 20 schools and colleges, 20,000 students and over 2500 teaching and non-teaching staff. CMRLSI offers life skills training to students, teaching, non-teaching staff and others who are actively involved in contributing to the growth and success of the institutions in the group.

The institute has a thought provoking tag line “Transcending Boundaries of Formal Education”©, which clearly underscores the fact that every individual irrespective of their role in society needs certain essential skills beyond their domain knowledge, in order to be successful in whichever walk of life they choose to excel in.

CMRLSI endeavors to satisfy this need through training, behavioral coaching and mentoring. The objective is to touch as many lives as possible, providing enduring values in the process and transform the future generations of the society to become better citizens of this world.


Training for students

Curriculum for students includes communication skills, personality development, aptitude and finishing school skills training, which is interlaced in their regular course work. This helps in improving their employability quotient to a great extent, as companies who come to campuses to employ students look for these attributes in new recruits, more than their prowess in their domain skills. Hence the students’ transition from the campus to the corporate / business world becomes very smooth and seamless.

Training for the teaching staff

Use of innovative techniques as alternatives to ‘chalk & talk’, effective use of technology to attain success in teaching ‘Gen-Y’, use of path-breaking methods like flipped classrooms are some of the areas that are focussed upon. This helps the faculty in surpassing the expectations of the students in their learning process, and achieves the desired objective of creating thinkers rather than learners by rote.

Training for non-teaching staff and all others

Administrative, non-teaching and other staffs who contribute to the growth of the institutions in the group are provided training periodically in order that they reach their highest potential in their respective areas of work. The objective is to ensure that they understand the importance of their roles and take pride in performing their duties and derive satisfaction for having contributed to the overall success of the group.

Life skills activities at CMR University

Academic Programs/Certification

List of Academic Programs/Certifications


English Language Enhancement Preparatory Programme (ELEPP)

Programme Overview

English language for foreign students / speakers of other languages. (For both, who are pursuing or not pursuing academic programs in one of the institutions of CMRGI).

Offered at five levels for foreign students who are either pursuing academic programs in one of the institutions of CMRGI or those enrolling with CMRLSI specifically for the purpose of improving their English language proficiency

The ELEP Programme offered for adult learners is primarily meant for speakers of other languages and could be from any walk of life or profession, including:

English is the most commonly spoken language around the world. It is the language that encompasses science, technology and business globally. By learning English, one can develop their communication skills and general language competency, there by building confidence and increasing awareness. Knowing and understanding the English language will open doors to a world of opportunities, leading to better performance and career advancement

The English Language Enhancement Preparatory Programme (ELEPP), offered at CMR, provides quality language training to enable speakers of other languages from various backgrounds, needs and purposes to communicate effectively and proficiently. Participants undergo an intensive English curriculum that helps them attain the required standard to pursue further academic and/or professional programmes.

At CMR, we know how to help one learn successfully, and we understand the needs of the participants and the challenges they face. Most importantly, we believe in teaching English as a life skill, so that participants of the programme become independent learners and thinkers who will continue to develop their awareness and English language competency by building on their successes in the classroom, even after the course concludes.

All our teachers are professional English speakers with years of training and experience. Class sizes are small, offering an ideal environment for personalized learning and customized instruction.

The ELEPP course is offered at five levels, and is intended for international students / speakers of other languages, who wish to enhance their English language skills, develop fluency and a strong general language competency. ELEPP may either be taken as an independent course or prior to pursuing a full-time academic degree programme at CMR Group of Institutions. Participants will be placed at the appropriate level based on a proficiency test conducted at entry level.

As an ELEPP participant studying at one of Bangalore’s top colleges, the candidate will be entitled to use all facilities available on campus including the sports facilities, the library, and labs. The student body of the CMR Group is extremely diverse with a community of international students from over 58 countries and Indian students from all over the country.

Key benefits

Programme Type


Programme Duration

8-12 Weeks

Eligibility Criteria

Level 0 (Foundation): Intended for adult learners, with little or no knowledge of English.

Level 1 (Beginner) : Intended for adult learners with knowledge of basic English vocabulary and grammar.

Level 2 (Pre-Intermediate) : Prerequisite: Clear the Pre Training Assessment for eligibility to start at this LEVEL, without going through LEVEL 0.

Intended for adult learners who have the ability to frame simple sentences and understand English fairly well. Students completing this level with ‘A’ Grade would be able to appear for the internationally recognised English language (first level) exams (KET – Key English Test) conducted by the British Council /Cambridge University

Level 3 (Intermediate) :Prerequisite: Clear the Pre Training Assessment for this level or complete LEVEL-1 of ELEPP or equivalent.

Intended for adult learners who have successfully completed KET of the British Council / Cambridge University or LEVEL-2 of ELEPP. Students successfully completing this level with ‘A’ Grade would be able to appear for the internationally recognized English language (second level) exams (PET – Preliminary English Test) conducted by the British Council / Cambridge University

Level 4 – (Upper Intermediate) : Prerequisite: Clear the Pre Training Assessment for this level or complete LEVEL-2 of ELEPP or equivalent.

Intended for adult learners who have successfully completed PET of the British Council / Cambridge University or LEVEL-3 of ELEPP or equivalent. Students successfully completing this level with ‘A’ Grade would be able to appear for the internationally recognised English language (third level) exams (FCE – First Certificate in English) conducted by the British Council / /Cambridge University

IELTS, TOEFL, etc. (Prep Courses)  : Prerequisite: Clear the Pre Training Assessment for this level or complete LEVEL-3 of ELEPP or equivalent

Intended for students who have successfully completed LEVEL-3/ 4, and plan to take International English proficiency tests.

Learning Outcomes

Focus: Integrated skill development in the four key areas of language learning – Listening, Speaking, and Reading & Writing.

English Language Immersion Programme (ELIP)


English Language Immersion Programme (ELIP) – Offered at 3 levels for young learners who are not native speakers of English, and who are in school at Primary, Secondary or Higher Secondary levels.

The English Language Immersion Programme (ELIP), offered at CMR, enhances the young learners’ abilities to read, write, speak and comprehend the English language, thereby equipping them to exchange ideas and opinions, express emotions, and present information. This programme helps learners to gain the relevant language skills for success in future higher English language courses.

Targeted primarily at young learners, the ELIP programme is offered at three levels to international students and is meant to be taken as an independent course. Students participating in this programme get to work with highly qualified and trained teaching staff who have broad experience in teaching.

Most importantly, it also aims to promote cross-cultural learning through India Focus Sessions where students have the opportunity to appreciate Indian arts, music, festivals, customs and traditions, as part of the programme. India Focus Sessions and cultural programmes are conducted by experts in the respective fields. Students are given plenty of opportunities to put into practice their language skills by presenting on cross-cultural topics, and by sharing information about their country and culture during such sessions.

Programme Type


Programme Duration

2-4 Weeks

Eligibility Criteria

Very young learner

Level- PB1 – (Pre Beginner 1): Intended for very young (school) children, with very little or no knowledge of English

Prerequisite: None

Young learner

Level- PB2 – (Pre Beginner 2): Intended for young (school) children who have some basic vocabulary in English

Prerequisite: Completed LEVEL-PB1 of ELEPP

Adolescent learner

Level- PB3 – (Pre Beginner 3): Intended for adolescent / school children who are familiar with the English language, but need to work on their vocabulary and proper use of grammar

Prerequisite: Completed LEVEL-PB2 of ELEPP


  • Use dictionary skills effectively to grasp the correct meanings of words and phrases
  • Construct simple sentences in correct grammatical structure
  • Deliver short presentations on simple topics Identify features of basic writing skills
  • Demonstrate ability to use both intensive and extensive reading techniques
  • Participate in class discussions and question-answer sessions with confidence


The ELEPP courses are intensive language programmes which require sincere dedication and commitment to learning. The assessment of one’s performance will be based on attendance, class participation, teamwork, written assignments, oral presentations, class tests, and examinations. A participant will be expected to score 80% or more at each level in order to be considered as having successfully completed that course level.

As a general guideline, for every hour of classroom instruction, a participant can expect to invest an equivalent number of hours of self-study at the minimum, in order to successfully complete the course



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