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CMR University Successfully hosts CMRUT20 State-Level Inter-University Cricket Tournament
February 2024
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CMR Institutions Mark National Voters Day
January 2024
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CMR Students Executes Impactful Initiatives at Government Schools
January 2024
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CMR University student bags the bronze medal at the 61st national roller-skating championship
December 2023
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CMR University Collaborates with Bengaluru City Police to Launch ‘Police Marshals’ Program
December 2023
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CMR University Shines Bright with the Grand AAHAV 23 Fest
December 2023
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CMR University and CMRIT Celebrates Kannada Rajyotsava 2023
November 2023
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CMR Group of Institutions celebrates its 32nd Founder’s Day with Student Scholarship and Leadership Awards
November 2023
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University’s School of Architecture hosted the CMR National Art Camp 2023, “Brushes and

November 2023
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CMR University Teams Up with UNESCO to Launch Innovative Social Emotional Learning Program
October 2023
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Humanities Students and Faculty Unite at CMR University to Prioritize Mental Health Awareness
October 2023
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Students from CMR University and CMRIT take active participation in the Swachh Bharat Diwas Campaign, Transforming Bengaluru City.
October 2023
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CMR University Welcomes the Class of 2023-24 Engineering and Architecture aspirants
September 2023
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CMR University’s Manmitra Club Sparks Campus Talent with Art Competition
September 2023
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Former IPL Chairman Shri Brijesh Patel Inaugurates Gymnasium at CMR University Lakeside Campus
August 2023
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CMR University Marks 77th Independence Day with Grand Celebration.
August 2023
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Hon’ble Chairman of CMR University Dr. KC Ramamurthy Pens Autobiography ‘Manadaala-1’
August 2023
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CMR University Hosts Annual Alumni Meet 2023 on the Occasion of International Friendship Day
August 2023
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CMR University ushers in New Batch of 2023 at Orientation and Inauguration Programmes
July 2023
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CMR University Students Plant 200+ Saplings to Observe Van Mahotsav 2023
July 2023
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CMR University Celebrates International Yoga Day, Promoting Mindfulness and Harmony Among Students
June 2023
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CMRU Honored with ASSOCHAM ‘Excellence in Enabling Research Environment (Science)’ Award
June 2023
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ICCI Awards CMR University under Best University for Research & Placement Categories for 2023
May 2023
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CMRIT 20th Annual Graduation Day 2023, – AICTE Chairman Confers Accolades on 1201 Graduates
May 2023
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CMR University Students Celebrate Ethnic Day, Aavishkar 2023
April 2023
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CMR University Students Celebrate World Art Day 2023
April 2023
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CMR University Inducts Elite Research Scholars in a Bid to Accelerate Its PhD Programme
April 2023
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CMR University Scores Diamond Band A+ Grade in Sustainable Institutions of India Green Ranking 2023
April 2023
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CMR University Law Students Emerge Runners-Up At Commonwealth International Mooting Competition 2023
Mar 2023
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CMR Students’ Innovate Eco-friendly Practices through ‘Best Out of Waste’ Programme
Mar 2023
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CMR University and CMRIT Celebrate International Women’s Day
Mar 2023
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CMR University Hosts Hon’ble Karnataka Governor Shri TC Gehlot for 7th Annual Convocation
Feb 2023
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Mizoram Governor Dr Hari Babu Khambanpati Visits CMR University with the Message of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’
Feb 2023
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CMRU to Launch a Global Open Innovation Challenge – CAUSE 2023 – for Design Thinking Day
Feb 2023


CMR University Lakeside Campus Launches Canoeing as Part of Tourism Attraction
Feb 2023
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CMR Students Take Pledge to Responsibly Exercise Universal Adult Franchise on National Voters Day 2023
Jan 2023
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Vilakshan Hindi Seva Samman 2023’ award bestowed upon Dr. Suman Kaushik of CMR University
21 Jan 2023
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CMR University recognized as a “Healthy & Sustainable University” by Indian and International Green Building Standards.
Jan 2023
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CMRU Celebrates Vishwa Hindi Diwas 2023
10 Jan 2023
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Students of CMR University raise awareness against the rising number of road fatalities in the city through street performance at CMR Circle
Jan 2023
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CMRU inaugurates new Information Centre at Vijiyawada.
Dec 2022
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Honorable Governor of Karnataka felicitates CMR University with 3 prestigious accolades at the 5th Summit of Education by CEGR
Dec 2022
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Karnataka State Festival at CMRU
Nov 2022
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Workshop organized by CMR University in collaboration with FSL India
Nov 2022
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CMR- International Conference concludes today
Oct 2022
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CMR- CMRIT gets A++ NAAC Grade
Oct 2022
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CMR- UGC guidelines on women’s safety make HIEs explore locally suitable solutions
Oct 2022
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CMR Hackathon – Students at CMR University Win ‘Smart India Hackathon ‘and bag cash prize of ₹1,00,000
Sep 2022
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CSP Launch – CMR University Introduces ‘Community Service Programme’ as Mandatory Part of its Core Curriculum for Students to Partake in Social Responsibility Projects.
Sep 2022
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CMR University Advocates for the Inclusion of Rare Earth Elements Extraction and Usage Into the Core Engineering Curriculum
Aug 2022
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CMR University Conducts ‘Open Day’ for Aspirants of Engineering, Computer Science and Management Streams from 1st to 3rd August 2022.
3rd Aug 2022
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CMR University Undertakes the Green Initiative of Partnering with ‘Eco Youth Startup Competition and Summit 2022’ to Support the Eco-friendly Startup Ecosystem.
Aug 2022
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CMR University Professor Clears the Air About the Trend of Taking a Gap Year
July 2022
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CMR University Achieves 100% Placements for Management Courses Amid Uptick in Demand for Graduates.
July 2022
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CMR University Addresses the Trend of Law Practitioners Moving to Corporate Jobs In.
July 2022
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CMR University’s Take on Impacting Computer Research Training Through Innovation-driven Courses
July 2022
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SCMRU Takes Active Steps to Satisfy the Rising Requirement of Risk Management Professionals.
July 2022
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School of Legal Studies, CMR University along with the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution Bengaluru organised an All-India Mediation Competition
16, June 2022
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CMR University’s Campus Program for Student Environmentalists
June 2022
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Contributed Article by By Ms. Shradha Desai M.Sc Psychology (Counselling), School of Social Sciences and Humanities, CMR University
28 May 2022
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CMR University Bengaluru awarded Emerging University Of The Year by ASSOCHAM, New Delhi
14 May 2022
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CMR University Participating in the Prestigious VidyaJyothi Education Fair in Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh
07 April 2022
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Inauguration of the Centre for Business Analytics
21st January 2022
CMR University’s specialized Centre for Business Analytics was inaugurated by Dr Arvind Kumar – Vice President – R&D, Optym on 21 January 2022, and is one of the 6 Centres of Excellence of the University’s School of Management.
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100% placements
13th October 2021
CMR University offered 100% placements to students during the peak of Covid-19.
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Building Resilient Organizations in a Chaotic World
17th September 2021
School of Management of CMR University organized a CXO conclave on “Building Resilient Organizations in a Chaotic World.”
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8th September 2021
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Brainstorming Session On NEP2020 & School Education
6th September 2021
CMR Group of Institutions in association with Vidya Bharati conducted a Brainstorming Session On NEP2020 & School Education.
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International Conference on Emerging Trends in International Trade Law
9th April 2021
CMR University School of Legal Studies organized an International Conference on Emerging Trends in International Trade Law on 9 April 2021.
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Inauguration of the Environmental Studies Centre by the School of Legal Studies at CMR University
13th February 2021
School of Legal Studies at CMR University Bengaluru inaugurated the Centre for Environmental StudiesAlternate Dispute Resolution Centre to promote a sense of responsibility among students towards environmental protection and preservation.
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Inauguration of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre
30th January 2021
School of Legal Studies at CMR University Bengaluru inaugurated the Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre to train students to adapt effective and alternative mediation processes.
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