Executive MBA [EMBA] | Product Leadership

Programme Overview

  • Objectives: Provides students with a broad-based knowledge of business, management, and administration to equip them as professionals in competitive workspaces.
  • Core Competencies: Accounting, Finance Marketing, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, International Business.
  • Coursework: A combination of lectures, case studies, group projects, and hands-on learning experiences.
  • Career Outcomes: Graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue leadership positions in a variety of organisations, including corporate, government, and non-profit.
  • Networking Opportunities: MBA programmes provide opportunities to connect with alumni, business professionals, and peers in the industry.
  • Global Outlook: The CMRU MBA programmes have a global focus and include international study trips and the opportunity to study abroad.

Career Opportunities

  • Management Consulting: Graduates can work as management consultants, helping companies improve their operations and achieve their goals.
  • Financial Management: MBA graduates can work in finance, including roles such as financial analyst, investment banker, or risk manager.
  • Marketing: MBA graduates can work in marketing, including roles such as marketing manager, brand manager, or market research analyst.
  • Human Resources: MBA graduates can work in human resources, including roles such as HR manager, recruitment manager, or employee relations specialist.
  • Operations Management: MBA graduates can work in operations management, including roles such as operations manager, supply chain manager, or production manager.
  • Entrepreneurship: MBA graduates can start their own businesses or work in startups, leveraging their business and management skills to drive growth and success.
  • Corporate Management: MBA graduates can work in senior management positions, such as CEO, COO, or CFO, where they can use their business and leadership skills to guide organisations to success.

Programme Regulations

Executive MBA Programme Regulations 2023

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Programme USPs

The programme focuses on all-round product management skills, including product designing, product marketing, product operations and leadership. This is augmented with business analytical skills to bring the executives up to date with present industry requirements.


Programme Outcomes

  • Inculcate skills in product optimization.
  • Enable product-line demand and profitability.
  • Employ pricing tools and systems.
  • Apply systematic methodologies in allocating scarce resources across products to maximise business results.

Programme Duration

18 months / 3 semesters

Programme Type

Executive Mode i.e. classes during weekends with directed learning during weekdays

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates should have passed with minimum of 50% marks (45% in case of SC/ST/PwD candidates) in aggregate in the Bachelor’s degree of minimum three (03) years duration in any discipline from a recognized university.

Also, a minimum of 3 years post qualification managerial /executive/ supervisory work experience in industry / educational institutions is a mandate.

Expertise You Gain

An MBA programmeme at CMR University can provide students with a range of expertise and skills that are valuable for a successful career in business and management. Some of the key areas of expertise that you can gain through an MBA programmeme include:

1) Leadership and Management: You will develop essential leadership and management skills, including decision making, problem solving, strategic planning, and team management.

2) Financial Management: You will learn how to analyse financial statements, make informed investment decisions, and understand the principles of financial management and accounting.

3) Marketing: You will learn about the fundamentals of marketing, including market research, product development, and branding.

4) Operations Management: You will learn about the processes and systems involved in managing and optimising a company’s operations, including supply chain management, production planning, and inventory management.

5) Entrepreneurship: You will learn about the concepts, theories, and practices involved in starting and growing a successful business, including market analysis, product development, and financial management.

6) Strategic Thinking: You will develop the ability to think critically and strategically, and to analyse complex business situations and make informed decisions.

7) Communication and Interpersonal Skills: You will develop excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which are critical for success in the business world.


Programme Structure

I Semester

II Semester

III Semester


IBM Analytics Lab

CMR University and IBM have collaborated to setup an IBM Analytics Lab at CMR University, City Campus to help students enhance their skills in the areas of Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data. The students receive joint certification from IBM and CMRU on successful completion of the course.

As a part of this initiative, experts from IBM have trained faculty members at CMR University who will further train the post graduate and graduate students. The courses covered in the certification programme are:

    1. 1. IBM CE – Enablement Program- Foundation in Business Intelligence using Cognos BI (Descriptive Analytics)
    2. 2. IBM CE- Enablement Program – Foundation in Predictive Analytics using SPSS Statistics
    3. 3. IBM CE- Enablement Program – Big Data Analytics for Business Analysts


Common Computer Lab

CMR University provide opportunities for the students to complete their assignments or to undertake course-related projects on computers in this lab.

Students, faculty and staff have access to the computer lab, which provide the tools and technologies to complete class assignments, edit papers, communicate via email and conduct data analyses. This lab is a multi-purpose technology and collaborative workspace located at the basement of the city campus. The lab is dedicated to meeting the teaching, learning and research needs of the faculty, staff and students.

Assessment and Evaluation

The University follows Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), which provides choice for students to select from the prescribed set of courses and earn credits. Students are awarded grades based on their performance for each courses in a semester and Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA), which is a measure of academic performance of a student in a semester. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is used as a measure of overall cumulative performance of a student over all semesters. However, the CGPA is invariably calculated from second semester onwards to facilitate students to know their academic progress.

Every Programme has a prescribed Curriculum or the Scheme of Teaching and Evaluation. It prescribes all the courses/ laboratory/ other requirements for the degree and sets out the nominal sequence semester wise. Curriculum also includes SWAYAM and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), offered by premier institutions. A student desirous of additional exposure to a course, without the rigors of obtaining a good grade, ‘audits’ a course that helps him to have an edge over others in placements.

The evaluation system to assess the student is comprehensive and continuous during the entire period of Semester, by the faculty who is teaching the course. Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) and Semester End Examination (SEE) constitute the major evaluations prescribed for each course, with only those students maintaining a minimum standard in CIE are permitted to appear in SEE of the course. CIE and SEE to carry 50% weightage each, to enable the course to be evaluated for a total of 100 marks, irrespective of its credits.

Before the start of the Academic session of each semester, a faculty may choose for his course Internal Assessment Test and a minimum of two of the following assessment methods with suitable weightage for each: Assignments (Individual and/or Group), Seminars, Quizzes, Group Discussions, Case studies/Case lets, Practical orientation on Design Thinking, Creativity & Innovation, Participatory & Industry-integrated learning, Practical activities / problem solving exercises, Class presentations, Analysis of Industry/Technical/Business Reports, Reports on Guest Lectures / Webinars / Industrial Visits, Industrial / Social / Rural projects, Participation in Seminars/ Academic Events/Symposia, etc. or any other academic activity.

The Semester End Examination for all the courses for which students registered during the semester shall be conducted at the end of each semester. Some of the courses, where the student performance is evaluated through CIE, may not have SEE.

The makeup examination facility shall be available to those students who have appeared and failed in the SEE in one or more courses in a semester.


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Executive MBA in Product Leadership is a specialisation designed and developed by industry experts and experienced academicians from India and abroad to enhance industry skills and be market-ready leaders in a product management department. CMR University is one of the MBA colleges in Bangalore that offers an Executive MBA (EMBA). This program mainly focuses on senior and mid-level executives or managers and assists them in improving their skill sets in product development, designing, marketing, operations, and leadership. We provide assistance and guidance by exposing them to various industries, such as healthcare, telecommunication, insurance, banking, and more. The duration of this program is 18 months or three semesters. We conduct the classes on weekends and can greatly aid working professionals in advancing their expertise. 

CMRU offers the best MBA executive program curriculum. We include a Choice-Based Credit System and grade students based on their semester marks- Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) and cumulative marks- Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). The course includes SWAYAM and Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) from premium institutions. With CMRU and IBM collaboration, we have fully furnished IBM Analytical labs for students to enhance their business analytical skills, big data, and business intelligence. They also provided certification on completion of the lesson.

CMRU also has established a Center of Excellence for students in platforms such as Marketing Insights, HR Excellence, Logistics and SCM, Business Analytics, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. These spaces help them elevate the quality of education and allow them to work on live projects. The Placements Cell focuses on improving employability skills, analytical and soft skills through various programs like Student Development and Training and Internships at corporates. CMRU is one of the top degree colleges in Bangalore to offer the best Executive MBA with placements.



 Does CMRU offer a part-time or executive MBA program?

Yes, CMRU offers an executive MBA program in Product Leadership. The program focuses on product management skills, including product design and marketing. The duration of the course is 18 months, with three semesters included. We conducted the classes on weekends with self-learning activities during the weekdays. Hence, graduates with a recognised degree certificate and a minimum of five years of practice in the business can apply for the course. 

 What is the duration of an Executive MBA at CMR University?

We at CMR University conduct Executive MBA in Product Leadership classes on weekends. The duration of the course is 18 months or three semesters. The program assists students in better understanding how a product must be designed and marketed to ensure maximum profits for the organisation. They also enhanced business analytical skills to support students or executives in being up-to-date with the industry requirements.

 What are the eligibility criteria for an Executive MBA at CMRU?

The eligibility criteria for seeking an Executive MBA at CMR University is a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate stream, with a minimum of 50 percent aggregate marks (45 percent for the SC/ST category). The candidate must also have a minimum of five years post-qualification (in a managerial, executive, or supervisory role) and work experience in the industry.

 What is the admission process for an Executive MBA degree program at CMRU?

The admission process at CMR University consists of five simple steps:

  • Apply online and fill out the application form.
  • To know more about the college, visit our admission office at the HRBR campus
  • If you have any doubts about which course to select, register for a free consultation and get your doubts clarified. 
  • Prepare all your documents for the verification procedures
  • Complete the payment and confirm your admission

 What specialisation is available for an Executive MBA at CMR University?

There is only one specialisation available for an Executive MBA at CMR University, i.e., Product Leadership. It focuses on product management skills, from product design to marketing, operations, and leadership. The program also enables students to understand how to increase the profit and productivity of the product. We present IBM Analytical lab and computer labs to enhance their skills in business analytics, business intelligence, and big data.

 What is the scope after completing a Product leadership in MBA at CMR University?

The Executive MBA in Product Leadership is designed to develop and foster industry-ready skills in executives, as they will be leading prominent roles in the product area. The scope is very high for professionals who can extend their business and product skills to get a higher position in the product management career. At CMRU, we expose the students to various industries, such as healthcare, banking, insurance, and more. 

 What placement opportunity is available for an Executive MBA in CMRU?

Absolutely, placements are available for Executive MBA graduates at CMR University. We have a designated cell called placement cells, which includes various programs to train the students in multiple categories, such as verbal, analytical, technical, and soft skills. CMRU nurtures knowledge and creativity and focuses on employability skills. The Department of Common Core Curriculum grooms students to face any challenges that occur at the workplace.

 What skills are required for the Executive MBA program at CMR University?

CMRU offers only one specialisation in the Executive MBA program, i.e., an MBA in Product Leadership. As this program focuses on senior and mid-level professionals who want to focus on product management, basic information on this concept can be an added advantage. The primary criterion is that you should have a bachelor’s course and a minimum of five years of employment.

 Why is CMR University the best for Executive MBA?

Executive MBA (EMBA) offered by CMRU is a program designed and developed to foster industry and market-ready skills in executives in the product management area. We expose EMBA students to healthcare, insurance, telecommunication, and more sectors. The program can be very convenient for employees as the classes are on weekends. We have a Choice-Based Credit System, allowing the students to choose as per their interests. The placement cell at CMRU assists and trains every student to improve their employability skills and help them get placed in reputed companies.