CMR University Bengaluru rated amongst "Perfect Workplaces For Women in 2022" by Artificial Intelligence
Registration and Certification, U.K.

CMR University Bengaluru receives "5-star ratings" by Artificial Intelligence Registration and Certification, U.K., and
is now one of the "Best Places to Work" in 2022.

CMR University Bengaluru secures 40th position, in the 2021 Global Impact Rankings by R World Institutional Ranking,
for contributing towards Sustainable Development Goals of the Earth.

Director's Message

Aleksandra Rotar

Director, CMRU SOD

Design Education in India has evolved. Changes have taken place, not only with the global pandemic, they have been taking place gradually - just like a revolution. The best organizations in the world are looking for professionals with deep specialized domain knowledge, but also a versatile individual pursuing a variety of passions in life.

The role of a designer today, as always, remains the same - design for a better world, and the designer’s core competency has been an imperative. However, his versatility, empathy and curiosity have become a cornerstone of his impact.

Therefore, a designer who knows himself, understands his environment and people, and is observant of the need of the hour, is the premise on which the mandate of Design Education today is set.

CMR School of Design is dedicated to nurturing designers of this kind, who truly make a difference in the lives of others and bring a positive change to human condition, by Design.

We are not just designers. We drive change.

Welcome to your tribe!



K-CET Codes

B.Tech. - E257
B.Arch. - E245


M.Tech. - T987
MBA City Campus - B150
MBA Bagalur Campus - B395
MCA - C521


B.Tech. - E187
B.Arch. - E187(A)