School of Architecture - Infrastructure

School of Architecture - Infrastructure

Full Scale
The objective of the Full-Scale workshop is to encourage a maker centric approach to design thinking. Learning through making, inevitably addresses the important tangible and intangible constituents of design like the material processes, tools and workspace. The workshop is conducted every semester in the middle and facilitates peer learning, encouraging interaction and exchange among the students of all semesters, as well as the faculty. Tackling both theoretical and practical aspects of building, the process and outcome of the workshop allows for a failure-positive approach to design.

The School of Architecture has its own dedicated library that houses an impressive collection of volumes on subjects including architecture, Design, technology, humanities, arts etc. The library has subscribed to journals and magazines including digital and online format.

Computer Lab
The computer laboratory covers an approximate area of 80 sqm, and is adequate to meet the students’ needs. All systems are equipped with AUTODESK authorized software. Other software’s in the Lab include Rhinoceros and Adobe. Students primarily make use of the lab to enhance their visualization skills through project work.

The workshop along with the studio forms the core learning methodology of the school of architecture. The workshop covers a 150 sqm area, and provides tools for hands-on exploration with wood, metal, paper, clay, Plaster of Paris etc. the School of Architecture is also part of the MakerSpace network where regular workshops, trainings, talks and meet-ups happen with the Maker community. The MakerSpace and its approach to design, imparts an identity to each project that a student is involved with. In the process, the student will start perceiving and understanding the definition of materiality.This is a unique platform facilitating inter and multi disciplinary learning. The MakerSpace is equipped with 3D printers, Laser cutter, CNC Router along with tools for working in Wood, Metal, Electronics etc.

Exhibition Hall
The exhibition hall is equipped with adequate display systems to showcase students’ work. The hall houses both permanent and temporary exhibits of some of the students best works. The exhibits are in the forms of drawings, sketches, models, installations etc

Material Museum
The Material Library is used to display various types of building materials and fixtures in order to acquaint students with various products currently available in the market. The materials include floor finishes, walling, roofing, Electrical, sanitary and plumbing, lighting fixtures and acoustical products etc are exhibited here.

Visual Arts Room
The Visual Arts Room is where students explore fine arts in the form of paintings, free hand sketches, sculpture etc. The studio is well equipped with professional quality drawing equipment like Easels, side tables etc. The school of architecture coordinated the 2nd CMR National Art Camp in November 2015 and 3rd CMR National Art Camp in November 2018 where 25 artists from across the country participate in a weeklong art camp to create paintings, woodcut prints and sculpture for the CMR art repository.