Are you fascinated by the buildings of the city you live in? Or maybe you are interested in designing your city in a way that is more sustainable. Either way,  Architecture would be a great choice for creative minds like you. Architecture involves a multitude of futuristic design aspects that vary based on the time of consideration, demography, social dimensions or even cultural lenses. This makes it a dynamic spectrum to consider. Moreover, you can travel, learn, and create to your heart’s content. Let us take a closer look.

Bachelor’s In Architecture – B.Arch is a 5 year course that covers different aspects of designing a building or space based on aesthetics and functionality as well as feasibility and practicality. It also maps the history of architecture, art and civilisations, and related subjects. The course helps the students to understand the structure of the community and the society they dwell in. 

Why choose Architecture:

 The primary reason for choosing architecture can be keenness for functional designs.  Another reason might be an interest in built spaces and its larger role in delighting and sustaining a community. Whatever it is that drives you to pursue this domain, it never disappoints. In fact, let us take a look at what Architecture has to to offer to its students and professionals:

  • Travel and Learn:

Budding architects gain a lot of knowledge by experiencing the built spaces and interacting with the people involved. So, as a student of Architecture, study tours to different parts of the country/world are a part of your curriculum. For architects, practical knowledge must be prioritized over theoretical knowledge since it is a dynamic discipline calling for innovation at every juncture. 

  • Learn about different cultures:

As a student of architecture you will learn a lot about the place, its origin, their culture and you will be constantly interacting with people from different walks of life. This is crucial to expand your worldview, making you more empathetic.

  • Diverse career options:

As an architect, you will be introduced to history, arts, culture, technology, archeology, graphic design, and different creative aspects of the industry. As a result, you will have multiple avenues in terms of career options other than being a practicing architect.

  • Not your 9 to 5 job:

Being an architect involves making site visits, conceptualizing, and bringing dreams to reality. This is not an usual 9 to 5 desk job. You will be pushed to learn consistently as everyday will be an adventure with different site visits, and meeting new people. 

  • Actual change makers:

As architects you will have an actual opportunity to implement and be the change by advocating for energy efficient buildings/residences. With a sustainable model in mind, you can contribute to the global discussions about climate change. Alternatively, if feasibility is your concern, you can voice your concerns against homelessness while actually contributing to the solution.  

  • Learn new technology and techniques:

As architects you will learn different softwares like CAD, Photoshop, Lumion, Indesign, BIM, and many other softwares that will help you demonstrate your design. Recent advances like 3D walk-through, Virtual Reality has helped the architects to convey their design with experiences they want to deliver.

The Future of Architecture:

Architecture is as crucial to human survival and prosperity. As a result, we are investing magnanimously to incorporate technological innovations to this spectrum as well. The recent innovation in building designing and visualizing techniques is the impact of BIM technologies with Data analytics, AI, and machine learning. Their applications in solving urban problems, making more sustainable living environments, intelligent buildings and cityscape had created venues for a futuristic design approach.

Why CMR School of Architecture:

CMR University, one of the best universities among the top architecture colleges in Bangalore’s School of Architecture, is the best choice for studying architecture. The school of architecture ensures that the students get enough exposure at an international level by holding regular seminars and workshops for networking and learning. The university also provides Scholarships on different criteria for the deserving students. 

  1. The curriculum is on par with the international syllabus. The qualified faculty team helps students engage in a variety of career development and skill development activities.
  2. The university employs pedagogical methods like Design Thinking to help students become better problem solvers.
  3. The curriculum consists of equal weightage given to both classroom education and practical based learning through studio learning and workshops.
  4. World-class infrastructure and lab facilities exclusively for the architecture students.
  5. CMR University’s School of Architecture adopts a Maker-centric approach to learning method. This helps students to learn and explore their areas of interest and passion. 
  6. The university invites industry top practitioners for their Viva to help students get a critical acclamation based on the current industry trends.
  7. The dedicated placement cell focuses on the internship in the seventh semester for the students and imbibes them with the necessary skills.
  8. CMRU School of Architecture, the top university among the best Architecture colleges in Bangalore puts emphasis on the practice to theory and theory to practice method so that the students can actively learn and implement the knowledge gained.
  9. The University provides 100% placement assistance and networking opportunities for the students after graduating. 

To know more about our studios, workshops held for architecture students and the placement aid, please visit or visit our campus. 

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