In a bid to make students industry-ready, CMR University Bengaluru offers customized Internship programmes for students in their pre-final and final years through which 2-4 months of quality time can be spent in the industry amongst the best minds. Through this initiative, students are groomed to pick up the latest/trending learning aspects and thereby develop core competencies. 

The customized internship programmes, offered by CMR University, are a major USP, which have been rated highly by both students and parents alike. Even industry experts have expressed appreciation for these internship programmes. In this regard, check out below certain salient features of CMR University’s Internship programmes:

  • Internships are a part of the academic curriculum of CMR University
  • Students are placed within top corporations and they are on the field for 2-4 months in their pre-final and final years handling live projects by rubbing shoulders with the best in the industry.
  • Students are encouraged to pursue summer internships during the summer or winter breaks of the second year and third year of their study. 
  • Exposure to the latest trends/tools is accorded to students through the internship programme.
  • Internships for final semester students allow for solving real-world problems.
  • Students get to adapt to the industry/corporate environments comparatively faster, and thereby demonstrate optimal productivity right from day one of their corporate careers.
  • CMR University’s internship programmes have received appreciation from top corporates/industries as they view these programmes as a mutual win-win situation.
  • Reputed industries/corporations have been recruiting students from CMR University for internships in increasing numbers over the years.
  • Most of the students have managed to convert their internships to full-time job offers by corporations and industries.

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