According to a recent survey by GMAC, a Master in Business Administration is the top choice in business schools worldwide. In India, 2.55 lakhs candidates registered for the MBA entrance exam in 2022.  

Wondering why an MBA degree is so popular? Most graduates opt for MBA programs to enter the highly competitive business world. The great learning in management skills sets them apart in the job market. In addition, job security, high salaries and excessive networking opportunities are among the primary reason for the popularity of this degree. 

 MBA offers a promising future that opens doors for exciting opportunities but preparing for it needs dedication and planning. Here are some strategies for preparing for the MBA entrance exam like a breeze. 

Preparation Tips for MBA Entrance Exam

MBA Entrance Exam preparations are challenging, but the right balance of hard work, practical strategies, and a hint of luck can help you succeed in your MBA Entrance Exam. So, here are the top tips to ace the entrance exam for MBA.

Planning and Strategy

The first thing for an MBA aspirant is to envision the ultimate goal, plan out the best-suitable strategies and manage time to crack the entrance exam. Strategies will clear out any dilemma and help develop the right mindset. Firstly, Let us break a myth for you that following old-school timetables and stringent schedules is the only way to clear MBA exams. A study plan that works well for you is an excellent solution for time management and effective strategy.

Verbal Ability

The Verbal Ability section is central to all MBA Entrance Exams; it usually consists of 24 to 50 questions depending on the exam. Here students are judged based on language coherency and case analysis. 

Pro Tips

  • Develop a reading habit: Faster and more accurate reading habits will help you navigate the section quickly.
  • Enhance Grammar & Vocabulary: Studying grammar rules is vital for the exam as it helps identify different speech parts and find sentence structure errors.
  • Using English in daily routine: Using the English language through different means daily, like watching English movies, texting, and listening to English music, is an effective way to better understand the language and tone in different scenarios. 
Reasoning Ability

The reasoning ability section tests the aspirant‘s ability to reason. This section is considered the trickiest in the whole paper. 

Pro Tips

  • Solve riddles:  Solving riddles will help candidates think out of the box to find solutions and help increase their analytical skills. 
  • Use maps or codes: Many candidates develop their hack to solve questions. This could be done through mind maps or codes for data interpretation.
  • Set Selection: It is recommended that MBA aspirants be mindful and strategic when solving questions. Set selection is essential to avoid losing marks.
Quantitative Ability

This section tests aspirants’ quantitative knowledge and ability to handle numerical data and problems. It requires a strong understanding of formulas, tricks, etc. Carries a weightage of 66 marks and 34% in CAT and, in general, around 30-40% in other exams


  • Master the basics: You can excel in this section by understanding the basics of concepts and formulas. Instead of cramming formulas, try to understand their fundamentals and applications.
  • Work on Mental Mathematics: While some question requires you to solve questions using a calculator, solving questions mentally will help save time during the exam.
  • Master speed with accuracy: Candidates get only 40 minutes to solve the QA section. Therefore, it becomes essential for aspirants to master speed and solve questions quickly but with accuracy. 
Focus On Your Weaknesses

To ensure success in the MBA entrance exam is to rectify your mistakes and weakness beforehand. You can build new tactics to solve problems and succeed in exams by focusing on the flaws.

Why Choose MBA From CMR University?

A Master’s Degree in Business Administration requires great commitment and effort to prepare you for a successful career, which is what the MBA program focuses on. CMR University’s experiential teaching methods combine the best of classroom learning and real-world experience, which help students to build a strong foundation and demonstrate excellent analytical skills and decision-making.

Your quest to learn from the best will become the problem of the past as here, you will learn alongside peers and staff that challenge and support you to succeed in your career. CMRU’s MBA course is for highly ambitious students with the zeal to learn, analyse and think like a business leader.

Becoming a CMR MBA student means joining a global community that propels one toward lifelong learning and career opportunities. CMRU takes pride in its 100% placement rates, with students landing in high-profile jobs with an average salary for the top 25%- 6.15Lacs and the top 50% 5.2 Lacs. In addition, the courses help build strong business knowledge and sharpen leadership and organisation skills. Requirements for admission at CMRU are 50% aggregate marks from any recognised university and CAT + PGCET entrance exam with valid scores.

A master’s degree in business administration will help you develop the skills necessary to make a successful life. Whether you plan to rise the corporate ladder or become your boss by starting your business, an MBA degree will lead you on the right path.

Now that you have the proper knowledge and strategies to ace your MBA entrance exam, no one can stop you! Visit the website to learn more about the MBA course at CMR University.

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