Data Science Vs. Cloud Computing Careers: What Are Your Options?

Data science vs. cloud computing: Wondering which discipline is better for pursuing a BCA degree? Both are inter-related streams and have many topics in common. However, data science involves the analysis and extraction of useful insights from data, whereas cloud computing includes the delivery of data and associated analytics, resources, and infrastructure across multiple locations. While a BCA in cloud computing helps individuals sort the local database to locate useful data, a BCA in data science trains them to analyze and use the data to make informed decisions. Both disciplines have evolved with time and currently hold immense value for businesses around the world. 

Read on to discover more about cloud computing vs. data science career options.

BCA in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows businesses to procure, sort, manage, and use IT resources hosted on a server. After completing their BCA degree, students could get an MCA degree or pursue top cloud computing job opportunities.

Scope:Since data processing is crucial in all industries, the discipline has the broadest scope, especially in governance, administration, science, & IT sectors.
Career Requirements:The discipline allows computer enthusiasts to develop and apply new technologies for sharing data and associated infrastructure over networks.
Course Contents:Students pursuing a BCA in cloud computing study emerging IT trends, cloud deployment tools, cloud development & resource management, database management, and the fundamentals of computer science.
Skills Developed:Machine learning, artificial intelligence, services architecture, automation, programming, data mitigation, communication, design thinking, collaboration, etc.
Top Job
Some lucrative cloud computing job opportunities include cloud engineer, cloud architect, cloud analyst, cloud security specialist, data center technician, etc.
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BCA in Data Science

A BCA in data science trains students to use their knowledge & analytical power to enable discovery from big data. It combines multiple disciplines like statistics, bioinformatics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Scope:The technology finds its applications in nearly all the major industries. E.g., governance, healthcare, banking, finance, education, telecommunications, etc. 
Career Requirements:Data science enthusiasts need to have knowledge of various data-related hardware & software, mathematical methods, and algorithms for AI models, data analysis, complex computer systems, etc.
Course Contents:Students pursuing a BCA in data science study statistics & probability, Python programming, big data analytics, data visualization & handling, information security, etc.
Skills Developed:Mental math, coding, microsoft excel, social media mining, observation, interpretation, scientific thinking, reasoning & analysis, etc.
Top Job
The top BCA data science jobs include data scientist, data analyst, statistician, business analyst, digital market researcher, software engineer, technical team leader, etc.

From the career point of view, both cloud computing and data science are in huge demand and entail rewarding career opportunities for deserving candidates. Students who wish to pursue the 3-year undergraduate course in either of the disciplines need to complete their intermediate with computers and mathematics as their subjects.

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