Top Reasons Why Engineers Make Great Entrepreneurs 

Today, entrepreneurship is no longer restricted to being a buzzword. Entrepreneurs have been constantly developing smart solutions and driving societal change. The academia in India has also taken note of the entrepreneurial disruption. Top private engineering colleges in Karnataka have been laying increased emphasis on cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit amongst their students so that they become global thought leaders. 

Engineers as new-gen entrepreneurs

A new trend that has emerged over the last decade is engineers constantly turning to entrepreneurs. This results from the best engineering colleges in the state and country developing specialized entrepreneurship academic modules. Entrepreneurship learning and skills have become a part of the curriculum as it is relevant to all branches of engineering, such as Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, and Electronics & Communication engineering.   

In this regard, modern-day engineers are considered to be effective entrepreneurs. Let us break down the main reasons why today’s engineers are more problem solvers than mere service providers:

  • Emphasis on problem-solving – Consider this, all of the top private engineering colleges in Karnataka offer Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence – Data Science as standalone specializations. Here, emphasis is on the latest technology such as the Internet of Things, Deep Learning, and Data Sciences; which contain answers to a host of issues plaguing human societies globally.
  • Thrust on Research and Development (R&D) – Of late, India has reverted to being the R&D hub of the world; which is a stark variation from its image of being a service provider not too long ago. New-age startups are today driving technological change, and opportunities in the domain are actively being spotted and utilized by engineers.
  • Diversification of engineering specializations – Classical specializations like civil engineering, computer science & engineering, and electronics & communication engineering; are offered by the top engineering colleges in Bangalore (and India)/best computer science & engineering colleges/electronics & communication engineering colleges; have diversified and resulted in the emergence of new-age specializations such as electronics & computer engineering, Information Technology, and Data Science. These have opened up newer avenues for entrepreneurship for engineers.
  • Newer Learning pedagogies – At CMR University, one of the best engineering colleges in Bangalore there is a dedicated Makerspace for engineering students to work on real-world projects through multidisciplinary collaboration. This potentially leads to engineers turning into great entrepreneurs. Pedagogies such as Design Thinking and Experiential Learning are taught at CMR University allowing engineering students to develop solutions through iterative approaches. 
  • A paradigm shift in engineers’ mindsets – Overall, CMR University, one of the top colleges for engineering in Bangalore has been contributing to a radical shift in the mindset of engineering students. This is being achieved through aspects such as “learning by doing” teaching pedagogies. The emphasis everywhere is to ensure that the quality of life of human society is uplifted. 

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