School of Social Sciences and Humanities

About the School

Started in 2014, the School of Social Sciences is dedicated to systematic and scholarly study of contemporary social, political, psychological and cultural issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, keeping in mind social relevance, applicability and pragmatic utility in the Indian and international content of social sciences. The School admits students at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels and encourages PhD and quality research work in association with the School of Research and Innovation.

From the School’s inception, an attempt has been made to dismantle the narrow disciplinary compartments found in traditional academic structures. This intention is reflected in the culture of the School, specifically in the interactions of the faculty and students. One may find a psychologist, sociologist, linguist or a journalism expert working hand in hand. It is these interdisciplinary interactions that determine the School’s holistic approach to research.



M.Sc. | Master of Science in Psychology (Clinical)

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M.Sc. | Master of Science in Psychology (HRDM)

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Social Work in the Field

This is the best example of a ‘live-lab’. Students perform fieldwork on a weekly basis, and achieve the following skills:

  • Learn to diagnose and treat mental, behavioral and emotional disorders, provide individual, group, family and couples therapy, and perform psychosocial assessments of common mental health problems.
  • Prepare to work in direct practice with families seeking support and resources to rise above adversity or stabilize after a crisis through assessment, resource coordination, counseling, support and advocacy.
  • Develop the skills to lead individuals, organizations and communities as they seek change, holistic improvements and policy changes through collective action.