School of Research and Innovation

About the School

The School of Research and Innovation has been established to carry out high quality research in various faculties including the areas of engineering & technology, management, economics & commerce, bio-sciences, pure and applied sciences, social sciences, humanities, education, social work and interdisciplinary studies. The School offers doctoral programs and awards PhD Degree in all of these areas. Research that is undertaken at the University primarily tries to address the contemporary social issues. Thus, the School seeks to integrate academic rigor with ethically sound and socially relevant research for community action.

The School of Research and Innovation also provides a platform for research scholars and members of the faculty to interact with world-class domain experts in India and abroad. Sharing quality outcomes of research within the University with the larger community of scholars will help open the door to scientific collaboration with other world-class institutions.



Research Initiatives

The School of Research and Innovation publishes an internationally peer-reviewed journal titled ‘CMR Journal of Innovation and Research’ with ISSN 2395 – 2083 to disseminate information and research findings for the benefit of society.

Upcoming plans for the School include the establishment of a ‘Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Research’ through which a wide range of funded research projects will be undertaken.


List of Research Scholars

The list of research scholars registered with the School of Research and Innovation is given here.