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How Corporate Internships can Benefit Career Development

A good education does not always imply a prosperous career. To excel in this industry, you must have the necessary experience and hands-on instruction. Employers are seeking resumes that reflect employment history in today’s labor environment. Emergence Of Internship Concept...

/ April 22, 2022

Making Students Industry-Ready Through Customized Internship Programmes

In a bid to make students industry-ready, CMR University Bengaluru offers customized Internship programmes for students in their pre-final and final years through which 2-4 months of quality time can be spent in the industry amongst the best minds. Through...

/ December 20, 2021

Role of Internship Programmes In Shaping Your Career And Life

Internship experience has today become an integral part of academic study. The focus on internships is dedicated to the extent that most of the top universities in India have made internship programs mandatory for students to fulfil their academic degree...

/ August 18, 2021