School of Education - About the Programme

The Master of Arts in Education programme is aimed at helping future educators be highly effective, relevant and completely empowered to help learners achieve their full potential.This Masters of Arts in Education programme is a rigorous 2-year programme which is well-structured and provides a scaffolded experience that seamlessly blends classwork and practical teaching experience. The MA Education course aims to utilise the theory of education, latest pedagogical practices technology interventions, and curriculum design to foster learning.

Programme Features

  • 1 Year intensive on-campus training and practice
  • 1 Year long Trainee Teacher internship with stipend
  • Master level capstone project in educational research
  • Flexible program exit options


Programme Levels

  • Level 1 – Post Graduate Diploma in Education ( 1 year programme)
  • Level 2 – Master of Arts in Education (2 year programme)

Programme Specialization

The Master of Arts in Education program will provide students with specialisations in the below-mentioned subject areas. Students can choose the subject area and the grade range they would like to specialize in during the 2-year program. Prior knowledge in one or more of the following subjects is preferred,but not mandatory.

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • Social Studies and Humanities
  • Arts
  • Physical Education

Programme Educational Objectives:

The M.A. in Education program offered at CMR University envisions nurturing individuals who pursue their education with a sense of purpose, are socially engaged; incorporate values and ethics in their work to find solutions to complex 21st century problems.

The programme aims at equipping aspiring educators with competencies:

  • To achieve professional goals with sound contextual understanding, perspectives in education and specialized knowledge with insights on application.
  • To be reflective, life-long learners who respond proactively to the dynamic situations, develop context specific solutions and contribute significantly to students’ lives and the larger natural and social world.

Academic Advantages

  • Hands-on learning of progressive teaching practices
  • Mastery in relevant educational theories & concepts
  • Inquiry-based coursework and self-learning methodology
  • Exposure to leading subject matter experts and practitioners
  • Ongoing feedback through personalized coaching and mentoring
  • Internships and placements with leading, progressive schools across Bangalore
  • Interact with prominent organizations in the field of education to learn about current practices in education
  • Collaborate with relevant members and faculty on research projects in education


Placements may be at partner schools across Bangalore, including but not limited to those within the CMR Group of Institutions. Please note that placements are subject to performance during the programme and at theemployer’s discretion

Eligibility Criteria

  • Graduate degree in any discipline with a score of at least 60% and above