CMR University has established state-of-the-art computer labs with modern systems and the latest hardware and software configuration. Then, there are the Electronics lab, science labs, and mechanical labs – all of which are maintained in perfect synchronization with the latest industry standards and offer a conducive environment for research and innovation. Along with these, the university also has a 3D printing lab that lets students work on projects in real-time and thereby innovate.


The workshops are conducted in the digital workshop laboratories which guide the scholars to learn the statistical tools. Furthermore, the department also conducts training to help the scholars to understand the concepts through practical-based learning methodologies.


CMR University has spacious conference rooms and auditoriums where symposiums can be conducted. These conference rooms and auditoriums are equipped with modern audio-visual equipment and projection screens to enable both audio and visual connection. These facilities will be used for various conferences, training and workshops during the PhD coursework.


The Library and Information Centre of the CMR University has endeavored to put together the following list of web links and e-resources in order to enable all our teachers, students and research scholars to continue their work unhindered. The list of Subscribed resources, open-access database, E-encyclopedias, E-dictionaries and ICT e-learning resources approved by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development is available for research support of the scholars.

The online library enhances the quality of learning, research and innovation by continuously updating information. The online library has various services and subscriptions ranging from national and international journals and e-books. Scholars can also reach out to the library officials to solve their queries and for paid research articles by sending an email to the library. Scholars can access the research journals, databases and digital repository by visiting the CMR University Online repository. The list of the online resources are enclosed for the scholar’s reference.

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