What is Makerspace?

What is Makerspace?
The spirit of creating or making separates us from other species. This intrinsic human spirit to make also holds the key to world’s biggest problems, be it energy consumption, water crisis, or sustainability.

The spirit of building separates the crazy geniuses from everyone else. At CMR, we imbibe this spirit of creation by building for smallest challenge to the biggest of the world’s problems.

In line with CMR Group’s vision to drive positive global change, we created Makerspace. As evident from its name, Makerspace is a welcoming environment in which makers of all kind, from students to professionals, come together to create. The facility has over equipment like Laser Cutter, CNC Router, 3D Printers, power tools and most importantly hand tools.

Collaboration | Certification | Competition | Co-Creation
The Makerspace enables a hands-on maker culture where the community utilizes theoretical skills and classroom knowledge and applies them to a wide range of content areas and experiences through real world projects. It hosts multiple events like workshops, screenings and talks, introducing students to interesting new ideas and skills in a short duration of time in a hands-on manner.

The space offers certification and trainings in the latest prototyping equipment including laser cutters, 3D printers and CNC router machines. The Makerspace also hosts national and international level competitions, design-build challenges and hackathons that expose our students to the global maker movement.

Inter-disciplinary | Industry-ready
Being an interdisciplinary space of learning, the Makerspace allows students to work on real world projects with students and faculty from different departments. It is also actively tied with industry and the startup ecosystem providing students regular interaction with experts. Projects built at the Makerspace highlight our students’ academic and non-academic capabilities, teamwork, leadership abilities, ingenuity and hard work.