Empresario 2K17


18 March, 2017:  Empresario, or Entrepreneur in Spanish, is a management fest that was organised for the first time by 1st year MBA and M.Com. students, to highlight talent in the student body. A series of activities took place to share innovative ideas, leadership skills & teamwork abilities among the students of CMR University.

The events included:
1. Best Manager
2. Best startup ideas
3. Brand Wars
4. Just a minute
5. Photography
6. Corporate fashion show


The Best Manager event had 30 participants including undergraduate and postgraduate students. Each round aimed to test the individual’s capability, patience level, stress control and communication ability. The different set of rounds for the events were:
1. Aptitude
2. Situation Analysis
3. Group discussion
4. Stress Interview

Students identified a common pain point, presented their business idea and came-up with the solution for it in the Best Startup Idea event. One team came-up with the solution of petroleum trucks (Gasino) aimed at people driving over long distances. Another team came up with a power-bank solution that could be recharged with heat, including items such as hot coffee, soup, etc. Another idea was that of serving the cars when the employees are at work.

Just a minute was one of the events of EMPRESARIO’17 which consisted of 3 rounds:
1st Round: – List it down : The participants had to list down as many as things as possible in a given topic to score the maximum of points.
2nd Round: – Speak it out : Participants were given some random objects on which they had to do a mini exposé for about a minute.
3rd Round: – Pick and Speak: Participants had to pick chits and speak about a given topic. The topics were based on management ideas.

Photography was another event of EMPRESARIO’17. Participants were required to take photos based on the theme – “Moments of Life”. They were given a few hours to do so on the day of the fest. They were then asked to submit the best three photographs.

The concluding event of the fest was the Fashion Show, where three undergraduate teams participated. 1st Year MBA students showcased a part of the event in business wear, which was the theme throughout for all of the student models.