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Jayanthi M

Assistant Professor
Prof. Jayanthi teaches DataBase Management Systems, Microprocessors, Digital Electronics, C# Programming, Data Structures, Python Programming, Data Analytics Lab, and Web Programming at CMR University’s School of Science Studies. She has a BE degree, and MSc postgraduate degree in Computer Science. She has 28 years of academic experience.

Research interests:

Data Science



Worked as Professor and HOD ,Department of IT-BCA , CMRIMS from 2009 -2018.
Worked as Professor Department of IT-BCA , CMRIMS from 2000-2009.
Worked as Computer Faculty in National Junior School ,from 1993-1998.
Worked as Software trainee at Compu-Aid Computer Services 1992 June -1993 December.
• Completed a course on EBusiness Technologies at NIIT during 2000-2001.
• Co-Authored a text book – Java Programming and Unix Operating System For V Bachelor of Science, as per Bangalore
University Syllabus(2007), Subash Stores
• Chief Superintendent for Final Examination May 2008
• Coordinator for NAAC criteria IV.
• Worked as IGNOU Counsellor 2003-2004
• BOE member B C A (Bangalore University)(2008-2009)
• Member of BOS, CMRIMS,(Autonomous) contributed in framing, planning and execution of curriculum.
• Member of Board of Governing body, CMRIMS
• BOS Member for the year 2016-17, MLacW College, Autonomous
• BOE Member for the year 2016-17 , Reva University
• Chairperson, for student presentations – Kristu Jayanti College
• BOS Member for the year 2017-18, MLacW College,Autonomous
• BOE Member for the year 2016,2017,2018 MLacW College,Autonomous
• Member of the Question Paper Audit Team 2017-18, Mount Carmel College, Autonomous
• BOE Member for the year 2018-19,Mount Carmel College, Autonomous
• BOE Member for the year 2018-19,Indian Academy Degree College,Autonomous
• BOS Member, Computer Science for year 2017-18, VHD Home Science College.
• Guided several projects for UG and PG Students.
• BOS Member for the year 2019-20 BCA computer Science – CMRU
• BOE Member for the year, 2018-19,BCA computer Science – CMRU
• Chair person – Malpractice committee Make up Exams March 2018
• Paper setter for University and Autonomous Colleges for BSc, BCA, MSc, MCA.

• Presented a paper on “Implementation of Heuristic Algorithms to Analyze Shruthi Using MatLab “ in the National
Conference on Soft Computing , in CMRIMS on 25/02/2012.

• Attended 2 days work shop on “Effective Classroom Communication “ conducted CMRIMS
• One day Workshop in Unix at CMRIT 2·
• Seminar on .NET , Embedded Systems and Visual Studio conducted by MICROSOFT.
• Seminars and lab sessions about Intel Products and Tools conducted by Intel Development Forum, 2004-2005,
2005-2006, 2006-2007. ·
• Seminar on Migration from Solaris to Linux by IBM, Bangalore on Sept-05 ·
• Workshop on Free and Open Source Software on 17th February 2006 at MCC,Bangalore
• Attended a one day workshop on “PC assembling and installation of Operating System “ at CMRIT on 09/02/2007.
• Organized One day Workshop on Web Technologies in coordination with MLS Conducted by Mr. Prince on 25th September
2008 ·
• Two day Workshop on Web Technologies in coordination with IBM Academic Initiative on 23rd & 24th August 2008 at
• Two day Workshop on Mobile Computing-Trends and Future Challenges organized by MCC co-sponsored by Wipro
Technologies Limited on 1st and 2nd September 2010.
• Attended NAAC sponsored seminar on Curriculum Design and Development conducted by CMRIMS on 5th and 6th October
• Advancing Higher Education through best practices in Technology by EDU Tech on 18.2.2011
• Cloud Computing & its Applications (CCA – 11) conducted by HKBK College of Engg on 22.10.2011
• Road map for powerful presentation by 5e Serpraisea on 7-06-2012 in CMRIMS ·
• A Seminar on Campus-corporate-conclave-2012 conducted by Dept. of Management and Commerce on 02-03-2012 at
• National Conference on Soft Computing conducted by Department of IT , CMRIMS on 23,24,25th Feb 2012 ·
• Attended a Faculty Development program on Emerging Trends in .Net Technology conducted by Cognizant on 26/07/2013
• Attended a One day workshop on Network Virtualization , conducted by Department of IT , CMRIMS on 29/10/2013
• Attended a worshop on Women in Science : A career in Science organized by the Women in Science Panel, Academy of
Science in Association with CMRIM on 22nd and 23rd August 2014.
• FDP on Image Processing using MATLAB conducted by Department of IT , CMRIMS on 06-07-16
• Attended a workshop on ‘Art of Thesis Writing ‘ conducted by Rehoboth Academic services on 02/08/2018
• Attended a one day workshop on ‘Python Data Science ‘conducted by Department of Computer Science, New Horizon
College on 24/09/2018