Economics Club Quiz Event organised by School of Economics and Commerce, CMR University - 26th February 2020

Economics Quiz Event

Dr. RaghuramRajan Economics Club, SOEC, CMR University “Dr. RaghuramRajan Economics Club” – School of Economics and commerce (SOEC), CMR University, organised an “ECONOMICS QUIZ” on 26thFebruary2020. The quiz was held at the AV Hall in the City Campus of CMR University with an objective to enhance the economic knowledge of the students.

The Dean- School of Economics and Commerce, CMR University Dr . Chetan Bajaj attended the programme. The Programme was coordinated by Dr. Nandita Malini Barua and Dr.U. Devsenadhipathi. The quiz had two parts, namely –

1. Kaun Banega Economist (Relating to economics and business)
2. Guess What (Relating to advertisement and logo)

Around 90 students participated in the event. These students were divided into 18 teams {5 members in each team} competing against each other to win the title “Champions of the Quiz”.

The programme started with an inaugural speech by the President of Economics club, Mr. Chiranjeev Reddy. The quiz masters were – Arabinda Das Choudhary (3rd year B. Com)and Sadiya Fathima (2nd year B.Com IAF).

The first part of the quiz “KAUN BANEGA ECONOMIST” focused on various topics related to the Indian and International economics and business. In this round, 6 out of 18 teams were qualified for the finals.

The second part of the quiz was “GUESS WHAT”,in which the teams had to identify various Logos and Advertisements of different companies. As it was the final round, it was made general to all the participating teams. The team that answered the question first won the point.

At the end of the final round, three teams had tied with the highest points i.e., 20 points each. A tie-breaker round was conducted to finalise the winning team. At the end of the tie-breaker, the winner and the runner-up were decided.

WINNERS (B.Com. Hons. 2nd semester)

  1. Shashank
  2. Shivam
  3. Akhilesh
  4. Dhaval
  5. Sai Karthik


  1. Anjali
  2. Aditi
  3. Sakshi
  4. Abhishek
  5. Sohel {MS(HR)}

2ND RUNNER UP (B.B.A. Hons. 3rd year)

  1. Sharon
  2. Hani
  3. Anushka
  4. Alekhya
  5. Ali

The above winners were given a “certificate of merit”. The programme was concluded witha vote of thanks delivered by the Dean(SOEC) – CMR University, Dr. Chetan Bajaj.

The volunteers of the programme were:


  1. Rohith (B.Com. hons.)
  2. Creflo (B.Com. general)
  3. Niranjan( B.Com. general)
  4. Adil( B.Com. IAF)
  5. Sridhar (B.Com. IAF)
  6. Aaron (B.Com. IAF)
  7. Akif (B.Com. IAF)
  8. Roshan ( B.Com. IAF)
  9. Essam (B.Com. IAF)


  1. Shree Rashmi (B.Com. IAF)
  2. SadiyaFathima ( B.Com. IAF)
  3. Arjumanth (B.Com. IAF)
  4. Nirajaditiya (B.Com. hons.)
  5. Moses. C (B.Com. general)


  1. Nanditha (B.Com.)
  2. Ajith (B.Com.)
  3. Jincy (B.Com.)
  4. D Anand (B.Com. Hons.)
  5. Arabinda (B.Com. Hons.)
  6. RaunakRashans ( B.Com hons.)