Department of Common Core Curriculum

What is Common Core Curriculum at CMR University?

The Common Core Curriculum (CCC), implemented by the Department of Common Core Curriculum (DCCC) was launched in the academic year 2021-22, at CMR University, and is offered as both Credit and Graduate Requirement courses, which all students must complete along with their programme curriculum courses in order to be eligible to graduate.

CMR University strives to ensure that students are equipped with 21 Century competencies that are required to thrive in the ‘University of Life’, with the vision of “nurturing creative thinkers to drive positive global change”.

Towards this end, the Department of Common Core Curriculum (DCCC) aims to prepare all the students who enroll in the various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the various Schools of the University, for a future, they do not know, jobs that do not exist today and all of life’s challenges that lay before them.

Interlaced with the Programme Core Curriculum, the Common Core Curriculum (CCC) courses are offered to all the students irrespective of the academic programme that they pursue.

These courses are designed on the foundations of the following 3 main aspects:

Our focus is on Life Skills - Soft Skills

Life Skills are also referred to as “Soft Skills” in the industry domain. The mandatory skills to perform any job in the professional world are referred to as “Hard Skills”.

There is no doubt “Hard Skills” gets us employment, but one must not forget that it is the “Soft Skills,” which most definitely help us sustain that employment over a longer period of time. “Soft Skills” are like any other set of Human Skills that can be simulated, taught, and made to put into practice in a classroom learning environment.

When these “Soft Skills” are taught with Empathy to positively influence the mindset of the students, the seeds of lifelong learning are sown– which will then prepare the students to be “Future Ready”– which includes cultivating the attitude of learning, unlearning, and relearning.

Once, the young student of today, blossoms into a working professional of tomorrow with a mindset of continuous learning, unlearning, and relearning– mastering any “Hard Skill” becomes easier for a brighter future.

Common Core Curriculum Courses

Designed through collaboration and meticulous planning amongst Professors, School Heads, Administrators, and other subject matter experts, the Curriculum provides a clear and consistent framework for educators. The Curriculum defines the knowledge and skills students should gain throughout their university education in order to graduate, be prepared to succeed in entry-level careers, introductory academic higher education courses and workforce training programmes.

The Common Core Curriculum Courses are: