What to choose for your Bachelor’s degree?

Introduction to UG Programs 

An undergraduate program, also known as a UG program or bachelor’s degree, is a defining chapter in your educational journey. It plays a significant role in deciding your career to a large extent. Therefore, you must give some serious thought to the best courses to study for the future. Thinking through and deciding on a bachelor’s degree is not easy. It may be fraught with confusion and uncertainty, resulting in stress and anxiety. But it need not be like that. You have to weigh the pros and cons of the courses and decide what to choose for a successful and satisfying career. 

How to choose a bachelor’s degree

The first ever major decision you will take in your student life is the choice of education stream after the 10th standard. In India, there are broadly three streams of education, namely Science, with or without Biology, which decides if you can pursue the field of life sciences or not. Then you have a Commerce stream that opens up the world of finance, banking, business, trade and accounting. In case Arts is your choice of stream after the 10th, then civil services, law, management and teaching professions are available as your career choices.

In short, the stream you opt for after the 10th plays a vital role in what to choose for a career ahead. Therefore, it also helps or restricts (whichever way you decide to look at it) the choices of UG courses after 12th. Taking into consideration all the factors mentioned above, you may also follow the steps given below to decide on a bachelor’s degree course:

  • Explore

An undergraduate program is not a simple or easy choice to make for everyone. It is a good idea to explore and reach out for help to make the right choice. Gather as much information from the Internet about the courses available and their prospects. A career counsellor is well-equipped to guide you and help you choose the right course. Knowledgeable elders in your family and friends circle and seniors and teachers at school are also a good idea.    

  • Future Employability

Whatever you decide to study should have employment and career choices. Check job websites and the market to see which UG courses after the 12th have higher chances of employability. You can also take the help of seniors, especially those who have already entered the workforce, as they will be better placed to guide you on the needs and requirements of the job market and the best courses to study for the future.

  • Courses Available

Check out the various courses available at the universities as per the choice of stream in the 12th. That will give you an idea of whether the subjects and the opportunities they offer interest you or not. It is a great way to narrow down the bachelor’s degree courses available to you and will certainly make your decision that much easier.

  • Course Duration

Course duration is another consideration to decide on a bachelor’s degree. It varies from course to course, so a B.Sc. degree may be three years long, while an engineering degree is generally four years in India. If you opt for a B.Arch, you will have to give five years to complete the course. But when considering your interests and passion, time is not a deterrent.

  • Home or Away from Home

It is not always the case that the bachelor’s course you have decided to pursue happens to be available in the city or district of your residence. Maybe the prestigious universities and colleges offering the courses are in different city or state. For better prospects or any other reasons, you may even opt for a bachelor’s degree in a university abroad. In that case, many different considerations will come into play, including boarding, food, language and more. They will affect your financials as well as your performance.   

UG Courses after 12th

UG Courses in Science:

UG courses in Science, also called Bachelor of Science or B.Sc., are considered foundation courses that teach theoretical, practical, and research skills among students. Plenty of choices are available to the students, including B.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Botany, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics, Nursing and Agriculture, to name a few.

UG Courses in Engineering:

 Engineering is the application of Science, Technology and Mathematics to design and innovate machines, structures, systems and processes. It is one of the most sought-after UG courses after 12th for students from the Science stream. Plenty of specialisations are available to choose from. The top five Engineering streams, as per the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, are Mechanical, Computer, Electronics, Civil and Electrical. Some other popular choices are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science, Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication, Aeronautical, Marine, Mechatronics and Aerospace Engineering.

UG Courses in Commerce:

Globalized economy has given an upward push to Commerce courses. Students may go for a Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com with specialization in Accounting and Finance, Banking and Insurance, Accounting and Taxation, Accounting and Auditing, Financial Market etc. Other options include Bachelor of Economics and CA and CS courses that offer rewarding career choices.

UG Courses in Management:

Students interested in a career in management can go for UG courses in Management, which help build a proper foundation in the field. The duration is usually three years. Bachelor of Business Administration with specialization in

Digital Marketing and Business Analytics, Bachelor of Hotel Management, Bachelor of Hospital Management, Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management, are some popular courses one can choose from.  

UG Courses in Arts:

Arts generally comprise social, visual and fine arts. Bachelor of Arts or BA in Education, Journalism, Social Work, Sociology, Political Science, Music and Fine Arts offer a lot of scope. Literature courses in various Indian and foreign languages, Social Science, History, Geography and Economics are popular specializations. 

UG Courses in Law:

Law as a career is considered prestigious and popular in India. To make a career in the field, students may opt for a 5-year integrated LLB course at the UG level. Choice of BA LLB, BBA LLB, BLS-LLB, B.Sc. LLB and B.Com LLB are available right after 12th offering a double degree program. In case the student has already completed a UG course in the discipline of their choice, they may go for a 3-year LLB course.

UG Courses in Architecture:

UG courses in Architecture introduce the student to the basic concepts in the field, from planning to construction, to prepare them for professional practice. B.Arch. Courses offer specialization in Interior Design, Architecture Engineering, Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Residential Space Design and Management Construction Technology.

UG Courses available at CMR University

As much as the UG courses play a role in deciding and building a student’s career, the choice of university and college is important too. The information above would have helped you know about the best courses to study for the future. Are you looking for top colleges in Bangalore to pursue your choicest UG course? Look no further than CMR University.

We at CMR University aim to nurture creative thinkers who will drive positive global change. The University aims at equipping its students with the necessary skills and knowledge to let them pursue a successful career in their field of specialization. Choose from a plethora of disciplines, including Science, Social Science, Humanities, Education, Architecture, Design, Engineering, Law, Management, Economics and Commerce.

Creative concepts and design thinking are embedded into all the areas of study at CMRU to foster creative communities, nurture new ideas, make discoveries and share unique creations. Our multi-, inter-, and cross-disciplinary modular programs with technology-enabled teaching and learning processes open up broader avenues of opportunities and create a successful career for our students.

9 specialized Schools of Learning offer all the course choices under one roof. Industry-compliant academic curriculum, innovative teaching pedagogies and experienced faculty make it complete. Dedicated MakerSpace allows engineering and architectural students to work on and innovate real-world projects. Specialized placement cell, more than 200 on-campus recruiters and a robust alumni network are the other hallmarks of CMRU. 


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