Category: Architecture

How to Become an Urban Planner

Cities growing at a rapid pace constantly face the challenge of providing quality life to their dwellers. Battling this concern requires adequate architecture and urban planning. The global population currently stands at over 8 billion; Bangalore city alone has marked...

/ January 17, 2023

Beginner’s Guide – A Career in Architecture

Table of Contents Introduction Types of Architects and the job they do Skills required to become an architect Steps to becoming an Architect Recent Trends in Architecture Travel and have fun while learning – sounds amazing right? What if we...

/ September 2, 2022

Why should one opt for a Bachelor’s in Architecture?

Are you fascinated by the buildings of the city you live in? Or maybe you are interested in designing your city in a way that is more sustainable. Either way,  Architecture would be a great choice for creative minds like...

/ August 26, 2022