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What are the most recent technologies being explored in the BCA program?

A bachelors in Computer Science program is one of the most popular courses and important fields because of its relevance, even in the new-age tech-oriented business scene.  Every industry in the modern or transitioning economy relies on the ability of...

/ December 22, 2023

Why are Cloud Computing Skills Essential for BCA Graduates?

For BCA graduates seeking a dynamic, high-paying, AI-proof, skill-driven career, cloud computing stands out as a compelling choice. A recent study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) found that 93% of students believe that cloud computing is vital for their...

/ November 24, 2023

What to choose for your Bachelor’s degree?

Table of Contents How to choose a bachelor’s degree UG Courses after 12th UG Courses available at CMR University Introduction to UG Programs  An undergraduate program, also known as a UG program or bachelor’s degree, is a defining chapter in...

/ November 2, 2022

Top 5 Reasons to Choose BCA at CMR University

As the prominence of Science and Technological applications is on the rise, courses such as Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) have regained their appeal to attract a lot of students’ attention. Many MNCs are rapidly continuing to hire BCA graduates....

/ July 29, 2022

Career Opportunities For Students Taking Up BCA – Game Development

A BCA academic programme is today not merely restricted to being a gateway for taking up an MCA higher education programme. The former has evolved and now offers specializations that are both emerging as well as intended at making students...

/ August 11, 2021
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Study Options For Students Desirous Of Pursuing Computer Science After 10th/12th

A Computer Science degree is considered as a gateway to lucrative careers and entrepreneurship. For students desirous of pursuing computer science, there are a host of options available. These need to be selected based on the interest levels and passions...

/ May 26, 2021