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6 in-demand careers in 2023

Introduction Choosing a career can be confusing when students are unaware of the jobs in demand in the market. Knowledge about trending jobs, fields that are gaining traction, and emerging areas with opportunities are critical. The most popular way to...

/ November 1, 2022

Why Industry Exposure is Important in Engineering

Purpose of Industrial Exposure in Engineering There are 2 important E’s in Engineering – Education and Exposure. These two complement each other, making an engineer well-trained and successful. While we know the importance of education as it lays down the...

/ October 6, 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Pursuing B.Tech Computer Science Engineering

Computers have revolutionarily changed the way we communicate, our choices and way of living. Consequently, the revolution is evident in entertainment, transport, medicine and the education sector as well. Cut to the present, Computer Science Engineering (CSE), a combination of...

/ September 29, 2022

A Complete Guide on Different Specialisations Under Courses

Table of Contents Introduction Computer Science AI and Machine Learning Data Science Information Technology Electronics and Communication Features That Make CMRU Unique Encouraging Design Thinking Experiential learning Space to create and learn through the best labs and clubs Internship exposure...

/ August 5, 2022

What is AI and Why do Companies use it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is human-like intelligence possessed by machines , especially computer applications to assist the users in their needs for solving day-day problems. AI has been replacing many time-consuming processes for better results. SIRI available in iPhones is a...

/ August 1, 2022
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Study Options For Students Desirous Of Pursuing Computer Science After 10th/12th

A Computer Science degree is considered as a gateway to lucrative careers and entrepreneurship. For students desirous of pursuing computer science, there are a host of options available. These need to be selected based on the interest levels and passions...

/ May 26, 2021