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Study Options For Students Desirous Of Pursuing Computer Science After 10th/12th

A Computer Science degree is considered as a gateway to lucrative careers and entrepreneurship. For students desirous of pursuing computer science, there are a host of options available. These need to be selected based on the interest levels and passions that students have. At this juncture, it is worth remembering that merely acquiring a computer science degree may not be sufficient to build a flourishing career; it is the job-ready skills coupled with the latest technical skills that determine whether careers/entrepreneurial pursuits are successful or not.

In this regard, check out below certain Computer Science courses and degree options (undergraduate) offered by best computer science schools that students can explore right after their 12th standard  (in some cases 10th standard) examinations:

  • Engineering (B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science) – A popular and highly sought-after course across India, computer science and engineering has today undergone a radical transformation as a result of which problem-solving has been accorded top priority within academic frameworks across the country. This is on par with global standards. Newer academic aspects introduced within computer science engineering programs are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Data Analytics, Data Sciences, Big Data, and Deep Learning concepts.

    Job opportunities are also consistently on the rise for engineering graduates in computer science. However, one point of concern is the reduction in employability engineering amongst graduates (as per surveys conducted by independent entities across India). This needs addressing on a war footing with students also playing vital parts in ensuring that they are in possession of the latest computer science engineering skills.
  • BCA– A BCA degree in computer science can also be taken up by students desirous of pursuing computer sciences at the undergraduate level. The BCA program introduces students to various nuances of computer science at fundamental levels. In fact a BCA degree is also seen as a gateway to pursue an MCA post graduate program. Emphasis is laid on software engineering aspects in the program.
  • B.Sc Computer Science – A B.Sc Computer Science program introduces students to the nuances of both software and hardware. In this program, extensive emphasis is laid on practical applications. Like BCA, B.Sc Computer Science is also a 3-years program. Students completing the program have a multitude of opportunities to take up careers in both Indian companies as well as MNCs; along with having significant opportunities to take up entrepreneurship as well.
  • Diploma in Computer Science – A Diploma in Computer Science can be pursued right after the 10th standard. This is a three-year program and introduces students to the various nuances of computer science academic elements such as Programming, Web Designing, Client-Server management, and Networking.
  • Short-term courses in Computer Science – Apart from the regular full-time courses, there are also a plethora of short-term/certification courses related to Computer Science that can be taken up by both students as well as graduates (even those from across domains). These certification courses serve as skill enhancement programs and are custom made for people intending to explore computer science without taking up full-fledged studies in the domain.

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