A BCA academic programme is today not merely restricted to being a gateway for taking up an MCA higher education programme. The former has evolved and now offers specializations that are both emerging as well as intended at making students industry-ready with respect to careers and entrepreneurship. In this regard, Game Development is a trending specialization that is now finding increased traction by students when it comes to careers with new game & mobile software development courses. With this specialization at the core, check out below major opportunities that students pursuing the programme can look forward to upon completion of their BCA in Game Development undergraduate degree:

  • Game Artists – Students completing a BCA in Game Development as the specialization can look forward to associating with prominent game studios and work on developing the aesthetics of games. With gaming now picking up steam; more than ever; scope for game artists is also on the rise. The various in-game aspects such as the look and feel (the settings within a game), and the design nuances of the in-game characters are developed by Game Artists; Hence, creative liberty/freedom along with learnings are certain aspects to look forward to by Game Artists.
  • Game Developers with major game studios – With Game Development picking up, more than earlier, thanks to the digital revolution and the emergence of new-age startups, Game Developers are increasingly sought after by major game studios such as RockStar Games, Ubisoft, and Nintendo. Game Developers are an integral part in deciding how games shape up; while also playing significant roles in determining how the in-game characters shape up; while also having a say in the game storyline using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Independent game developers: With new-age gaming opening up windows for entrepreneurship, students graduating in BCA Game Development as the specialization, can consider developing their own games and even setting up their own studios. Social media platforms serve as the perfect launch pads for “indie games”. Hence, scope for indie game development and game developers has been on the constant rise.
  • AI Program Development: As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key component in game development, graduates would get to dabble in Artificial Intelligence to ensure that the gameplay confirms to world-class standards. Hence, development of Artificial Intelligence is also one major area that requires significant expertise from both software developers as well as game developers – working in tandem.

Game Testing: One can become a Game tester as they are also in optimal demand now. The overall quality control and analysis of the game depends on testers. This has a direct impact on the overall quality of the game (PC/Mobile) after game development is completed.

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