Category: BBA LLB

The Role of BBA LLB Graduates in Corporate Governance

The BBA LLB course is a dynamic fusion of business administration and law, incorporating economics, management, and legal subjects. Students study subject areas such as economics, accounting, management, and marketing alongside legal subjects such as constitutional law, contract law, and...

/ November 27, 2023

5 Reasons to Consider a BBA LLB Integrated Course

Are you someone who’s interested in the legal field and has a knack for business? Then, BBA-LLB is an ideal course for you. The BBA-LLB integrated course is a unique program that combines the study of business administration and law...

/ October 10, 2023

BA LLB vs. BBA LLB: The Differences and Benefits

Choosing the right degree course can be daunting for students, often leading to confusion and dilemmas. With the array of options available, each with its unique benefits and career prospects, it is only natural for students to feel overwhelmed.  Do...

/ June 9, 2023