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Design Thinking Training Programmes At CMR University – Empowering Students To Drive Positive Global Change

Design Thinking forms an integral pillar of the academic offerings

/ January 11, 2022

Why Design Thinking Today Is Not Merely Restricted To Being A Concept Within Textbooks

Design Thinking is today rapidly becoming a part of academic curricula across the world at both the school as well as college levels. Both mainstream and non-mainstream educators across the globe believe that Design thinking is now the key to...

/ June 25, 2021

CMR University Amplifies Focus on Design Thinking, Establishes Specialized School of Design

CMR University (CMRU), Bengaluru, known for its emphasis on design thinking within its curricula has now turned design thinking into an entity with the establishment of the specialized School of Design. This new School of Design augments CMR University’s maker-centric...

/ June 11, 2021

What Fresh Graduates Should Not Do While Crafting Resumes

It goes without saying that a resume is a reflection of one’s personality, skill sets, and credibility. To land on fresh graduate jobs, it is very important to have the right resume crafted so as to create a lasting impression...

/ April 14, 2021

Creativity, Art, and Storytelling as a career option

Storytelling is essentially an art of putting thoughts into words. This is also a medium that is considered as a conventional form of creativity. With “creativity” being the focal point, how about opting-in for creativity as a career? With this...

/ February 22, 2021

Remote learning tips & tricks for students

The COVID-19 has completely altered life around the world, with online classes, remote learning and social distancing being the new normal. Though remote learning seems to be convenient for many, it comes with its own challenges. With regular classroom learning,...

/ December 30, 2020