A bachelors in Computer Science program is one of the most popular courses and important fields because of its relevance, even in the new-age tech-oriented business scene. 

Every industry in the modern or transitioning economy relies on the ability of computer science to address intricate organisational problems with technical solutions. Henceforth, a foundational degree in computer science opens doors for students to push the boundaries of technology in every industry. 

With a variety of job titles and career niches waiting for you, a hands-on education with active engagement in the learning process ensures a pathway to steady professional and financial growth. 

In this article, we would love to help you start your understanding of this field by inspiring and introducing you to the latest technological trends in the BCA program

BCA Program Recent Technologies

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

One of the prominent technological trends all of us have taken notice of is artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML). 

In simple words, AI makes machines smart by recognising patterns, making decisions and solving problems. At the same time, ML helps them learn and get better on their own by feeding them data. At CMR University, we have integrated the two into the BCA curriculum so that our students will have an understanding of the two fields for stable career progression. 

  1. Data Science and Data Analytics

Data Science and Data Analytics are such inclusive models of the technological landscape that they intertwine with statistical analysis, programming and domain-specific knowledge to derive meaningful insights from vast datasets. 

The inclusion of data science modules in BCA courses exposes students to tools and techniques essential to extracting valuable information, which in turn contributes to organisations’ informed decision-making. 

  1. Blockchain Technologies

Our curriculum is designed to help students comprehensively understand blockchain principles, cryptographic techniques, decentralised systems, and smart contracts. 

The said foundational knowledge, theoretical insights, and practical applications will give you the skills necessary to harness the transformative potential of blockchain technologies. 

  1. Mobile App Development

The BCA program at CMR University also includes mobile app development since it involves understanding unique challenges such as varied operating systems, device specifications, and user experience. 

An essential awareness of this domain helps students grasp app development frameworks, programming languages and design principles. We take pride in seeing our children come up with tangible outcomes, therefore actively highlighting and celebrating their personal projects and developments during the coursework. 

  1. Cloud Computing

Practical experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud fosters clarity in the underlying principles—an invaluable lesson for those genuinely driven to pursue this highly sought-after field of study in the contemporary IT space, meeting industry demands.

Our BCA course incorporates practical exercises like setting up a virtual machine, object storage and retrieval, database management and deploying a simple web application. This enhances the learning experience and prepares students to apply the skills acquired in real-life projects seamlessly.


Suppose you are a student ready for the next step in your educational journey and curious to step into the world of computer applications. In that case, the BCA program at CMR University offers academic excellence and an insight into the tech-centric business landscape where you can practically experiment with the skills you may have acquired throughout the course. We are among the best BCA private colleges in Bangalore, seamlessly integrating AI, ML, Data Science, Blockchain, Mobile App Development and Cloud Computing into our curriculum. Our program ensures that students are well-prepared for the advanced industry demands. Moreover, with dedicated subjects in BCA like cloud computing and game development, we transfer theoretical and technical prowess to our undergrads. 

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