Remote learning tips & tricks for students

The COVID-19 has completely altered life around the world, with online classes, remote learning and social distancing being the new normal. Though remote learning seems to be convenient for many, it comes with its own challenges. With regular classroom learning, you have a specific routine to follow, with a specific venue and time. When learning activities are suddenly switched online, you can feel overwhelmed, or even demotivated. Here are a few tips that can help you cope with your online classes and remote learning.

  1. Have dedicated learning space:

Remote learning requires you to be disciplined and organised. Hence, it is important to keep your learning space separate from your personal space. And it is also important to keep distractions such as social media, online streaming and TV away from your learning space.

  1. Be organised:

Have a daily/weekly planner with your classes and assignments listed out. Organise your books and notes according to your classes. Make sure that you set daily reminders for the tasks that you are supposed to complete. Being organised will help you go ahead with your schedule meticulously and also keep you motivated.

  1. Take frequent breaks:

While it is important to stick to your routine and study hard, make it a point to incorporate breaks into your schedule. You might have heard the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Taking breaks will help you refresh your mind and avoid burn-outs, enabling you to concentrate better.

  1. Engage with your peers and lecturers:

As we all know, communication is key. Actively participate in the online discussions and ask questions. Also make it a point to discuss with your friends about the class and learn from each other. During these testing times, it is important to stay connected and motivate each other.

  1. Take care of yourself:

Stay connected with your lecturers via email or phone call to understand certain aspects of the study materials you didn’t understand. You can even talk to your teachers about certain pressing issues, be it personal or professional, to seek advice. At the end of the day, humans are social animals, so it is important for you to stay connected to your friends, family and teachers. Maintain a good sleep schedule and eat on time. During this time of uncertainty, self-care is of utmost importance.

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