Getting back to class with neo-normal learning

With students now having to get back to classes albeit online, academics has begun in full swing virtually. Students have something to cheer about considering the fact that the process of conventional academic learning has begun despite the after-effects of the pandemic. 

The “new normal” in learning and “neo-classrooms”

Now, this “new-normal” way of learning and “neo-classroom teaching” puts an end to months of anticipation regarding conducting classes for students since the pandemic started taking its toll on human health and lives. Students too have expressed happiness and are relieved to get back to conventional learning (home is the classroom in most places). Hence, the new normal now is online or virtual classrooms and virtual learning rooms enabled through various platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Classrooms, Zoom, and Skype applications.

This is specifically true for students pursuing higher education programmes across the globe. Months of impasse regarding resumption of classes are now over. The students are now sensing a feel of conventional classroom learning. With their teachers/faculty members still visible and supervising their learning process virtually, nothing seems to have changed as far as classroom experience and academic lessons are concerned. 

In this regard, the regular has manifested itself as the new normal. The only change here is that gadgets and technology are driving the learning process. Students seem to be happy and content with the neo classrooms as advantages are plenty. 

Some of these are – students not having to commute to their colleges/places of academic study, along with spending quality time with family/friends. The biggest benefit of online education is the reduction in health concerns as students are always within the comfort of their homes and family members mostly.

Parents now know better

Yet another major advantage is the fact that parents now constantly monitor the virtual classroom learning of their wards. This is a two-way advantage as parents get to keep tabs, on how their wards learn,as well as the teaching/imparting of knowledge by academic faculty members. Hence, the new normal of online education offers better perspectives and real-time information.

Home is where all the fun is

The new-normal learning virtually offers students more time for both learning and fun. Home, is now the place where learning blended with fun happens. The theory of “work hard, and play harder”, now becomes practical. Home has suddenly become the “in-thing” for everything, without monotony. Hence, there is all-round development of students’ minds and not just bombardment with academics. 

Offline is the way forward

The new-normal may not be here to stay. With COVID-19 cases receding, educational institutions across the country are opening up. Some colleges have even announced plans to start regular classroom learning physically. This “transition” may take time to sink in; but, learning once again becomes fun when students blend their experiences in the new normal with that of regular classrooms. Sooner or later, offline is slated to take over once more!

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