The study of Humanities today has picked up pace again thanks to an increased awareness about Humanities-related subjects and the domain as a whole. Students taking up Humanities-related subjects have multiple avenues to explore; some of which offer evergreen scope for growth and development. However, these options need understanding so that students pursuing Humanities degree courses or desirous of taking up study/careers are empowered to make better decisions.

At this juncture, it is worth noting that graduating with a Humanities degree does not necessarily force students to take up careers in only teaching. Nonetheless, teaching is a good option for students having a passion for the same and desirous of pursuing higher education programmes such as MA/B.ED/M.ED. There are other career options that graduates/postgraduates can explore after studying Humanities:

Careers in Journalism – Students pursuing programmes in Humanities such as BA (Journalism) can look at exploring careers in the domain of journalism. With today’s media having also adapted the digital route, opportunities for those holding a bachelor’s degree in journalism are immense. Most of the tier-1 media houses in India also have specialized training modules for freshers joining their organizations. These also include internship programs.

With media houses, fresh graduates who have completed BA Journalism could work in varied roles (and grow professionally) such as Reporters, Sub-Editors, Content Writers, Editors, and even Feature Writers.

Careers in Psychology – Students pursuing programmes such as BA (Psychology) have opportunities to build lucrative careers in the domain of Psychology by directly working with people and understanding their minds/behaviours and help them with plaguing issues. Careers in psychology are fulfilling as graduates get to work directly at the societal level. Various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), along with the governmental sector and the private sector offer a multitude of opportunities for graduates in psychology.

Careers in Social Sectors –  Both graduates and post graduates in streams such as Social Work get to work directly in societal sectors. Here, societal development assumes paramount importance. Graduates and post graduates also get to work in the governmental sector associated with various projects in diverse roles such as Communication Officers, Community Development Officers, Project Coordinator and more.

Careers in Creative domains – Graduates and post graduates in Humanities  streams can also explore creative domains/mediums such as the film industry. They get to work in departments such as scripting and even across pre-production teams. With add-on courses/certification programs, the film industry also accords a multitude of opportunities to graduates and post graduates in departments such as cinematography and direction.

Careers in education/academia – Academia offers a plethora of opportunities ranging from working as professors/assistant professors to principals/deans/directors across educational institutions. With a Ph.D, these opportunities are amplified thereby benefiting both knowledge-wise as well as career-wise. 

In addition to the above avenues, students also have a plethora of opportunities with regard to higher studies. An undergraduate degree in Humanities is considered as a doorway to a multidisciplinary postgraduate degree – therefore opening up a world of opportunities for growth and progression.


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