With 12th standard board exams over and counselling for higher professional courses in full swing, there is bound to be anxiety in the minds of both students and parents regarding choosing the best academic programme for higher learning. If you are a student having completed 12th standard and looking at taking up engineering graduate programmes (B. E undergraduate & B. Tech undergraduate) as your preferred course of higher studies, the below easy course selection pointers would come in handy while you are at the counselling centre:

  • Research on the engineering specializations and sub specializations – It is definitely worth the time and effort to research the various specializations and sub specializations on offer within engineering colleges/universities within your city/state. Today, with the new National Education Policy (NEP 2020) in force in various states, more and newer specializations are on offer, as options, for students to choose from and effectively pursue engineering programmes.
  • Brainstorm on the financial requirements that the programme demands – This is crucial as various engineering programmes have varied fee structures. Get details on the fee structure, check your financial options, align your interests on these lines, and then select the engineering programme.
  • Research on the curriculum – It is vital that you check the curriculum of your preferred course and align it with your interests. This always makes it easy to master your preferred engineering programme at a reputed engineering college once the academic sessions begin. Through this approach, it also becomes easy for you to check suitability of a programme.
  • Check out growth opportunities – While you choose an engineering programme, it also goes without saying that the potential growth opportunities that are on offer post completion of the academic programme should be evaluated. You could speak to an academic counsellor at your college/preferred college (or university) and obtain information on the growth opportunities/career curve offered by the engineering programme of your choice. You could also change your choice of academic programme based on this information.
  • Evaluate lucrativeness – Before you select an engineering programme, find out more about what salary packages have been offered to alumni; along with the packages that you can expect after completion of the programme and upon obtaining placements. This approach will help you prepare better by choosing the engineering branch. Here, also remember to speak to the education counsellor about the placement packages and empower yourself to begin a new life in higher education.
  • Evaluate location details – While you resort to the above steps, also make sure that you are informed about the location in which your engineering college/institution/university is present and also the potential location where you would prefer beginning your career/entrepreneurship/higher studies after completing your undergraduate engineering programme. With different states in India offering different opportunities for engineers, it would do you no harm to check on location-specific information before you choose an engineering college for your academics; and the academic programme.

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