Internship experience has today become an integral part of academic study. The focus on internships is dedicated to the extent that most of the top universities in India have made internship programs mandatory for students to fulfil their academic degree requirements. Most of these Universities/colleges/institutions of learning have even established dedicated internship cells to facilitate interaction with the industry. At this juncture, if you are a student pursuing graduation, it only becomes imminent to understand the role that internship programmes play in shaping your career (and life) after graduation.

Offering exposure when it matters the most

The primary motive of any internship programme/initiative is to accord optimal exposure to students from an industry/real-world perspective. Armed with this resultant knowledge, students are in better positions to start their working careers equipped with the right skillsets that the industry seeks. The work culture in the industry can also be studied through internships and thereby the right mindset can be cultivated by students. Thus, students graduating from CMR University or any of the top universities in India with these skillsets/optimal industry exposure are known to succeed in their careers throughout. 

Opening doors to “dream careers”

For students having excellent industry acumen, internship programmes normally convert into full-time job offers. This opens up a world of opportunities for students to take up fledging careers, and thereby grow professionally. Here, students also have opportunities to establish robust networks with industry veterans/leaders and become a thought leader. Hence, both learning and growth are fostered through internship experiences. 

Adding value to RESUMES

Students, on completing their internship programmes can add this experience into their RESUMES so that the value of their profile is enhanced. Internship programmes with leading organizations/companies generally tend to be the highlight within profiles of fresh graduates. Hence, graduates from the best universities in India with internship experience are in better positions to get recruited at organizations. 

Helping to stand out from competition

Students/fresh graduates with internship experience are known to stand out from competition when it comes to applying to jobs. They also have an edge to be the next gen Thought Leader with the knowledge gained from their internship programmes which could be leveraged towards adaptability within companies. As graduates with internship experience are equipped with essential skillsets such as soft skills, they naturally have a two-pronged advantage (i.e practical knowledge as well as industry work culture) over other applicants.

Analyzing strengths and weaknesses

Through internship programmes, students are equipped to better analyze their strengths/weaknesses as they indulge in working on real-world projects through industry associations. With their strengths/weaknesses analyzed, students can efficiently focus on learning/improvement areas such that they are productive within organizations and also successful at developing scalable entrepreneurial models. 

In summary, internships are not mere certification add-ons, but growth enablers. Hence, with the right internship programme (at the right organization), you are empowered to become a next-gen “Thought Leader”.


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