How MBA has Changed in the Post-pandemic Era?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two year post graduate degree programme that covers different aspects of leadership, analytics, business strategy, and change management. As students of MBA, you will learn various concepts of Business Development, Marketing, Strategizing, and Management. 

You can enrol for an MBA with any basic undergraduate degree from a recognized university/college. The companies are looking for potential leaders with the appropriate technical skills and change management skills to manage their business. With the United Nation’s sustainability model extending to the corporate world as well, the companies are looking for trendsetters. 

Post-pandemic impact on MBA:

The MBA postgraduate programme is a 2-year programme. Pandemic has impacted every industry possible. The pandemic has brought about a revolution in terms of Education and Technology. The entire perspective of education, pedagogies, and campus management changed with ‌pandemic.

The ripples of this change have inevitably disturbed the waters of MBA coaching as well. Nevertheless, surviving and thriving through this change deems the students appropriately armed for the changes they will surely face once in the workforce. 

Technology and MBA:

MBA course delivery through technology has had many benefits. It almost overshadows whatever negativities we had to face through the pandemic in terms of pedagogy. Students are exposed to the various industry-centric technologies from an early stage. The resistance to this, insofar as various mathetic realms are considered, had to be eliminated due to necessity.

For instance, crucial tech advancements in the analytics spectrum are introduced to students much earlier. Roles of various presentation tools are also taught since it became a necessity to traverse the course as well. With this dimension in consideration, students are well equipped and much more comfortable with industry standards and can kick-start their careers more efficiently. 

Role of Emotional Intelligence:

Market 3.0 saw leaders prioritizing emotional quotient over intelligence quotient. Now, we are witnessing an amalgamation of both in leadership. Emotional intelligence comes first. When tough calls had to be made, the requirement for leaders who are not only good in strategy but also empathetically strong has increased. 

The modern leaders must be empathetic, diverse in their worldview, optimistic with disagreement, and be open to negotiate their affiliations and presuppositions. Above all, they must be great communicators. Today’s MBA programmes are designed with the intention of achieving this multifaceted requirements pouring in from the industry. 


CMR University, the best university among the top MBA colleges in Bangalore, provides MBA degree courses with an aim to produce more empathetic and competent leaders in the field of business management and strategising. The university offers dual degree programme with the following specializations:

  1. HR
  2. Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Finance
  5. Business Analytics
  6. Supply Chain Management

Centre of Excellence:

CMR university’s School of Management has dedicated Centres of Excellence for students to learn from industry experts by integrating the wide knowledge witb the real-life situations and scenarios. Each Centre of Excellence is headed by an industry expert and a set of faculty teams to guide the students. 

  1. Centre for Marketing Insights
  2. Centre for HR Excellence
  3. Centre for Logistics and supply chain management
  4. Centre for Business Analytics
  5. Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Industry connect:The University has partnerships with the top industry experts from IBM for analytics. The IBM officials train the faculty team on industry based training. The faculty in-turn will train the graduates and post graduate students through various courses designed according to the curriculum.

Modern Pedagogies:

CMR University ensures that the students are future-ready by introducing new methods of teaching like Design Thinking and Experiential Learning. Through these  modern pedagogies the students learn through simple quizzes, application of their knowledge to real-life scenario problems to become better innovators.

Placement Assistance:

CMR University, the top private University among the best executive MBA colleges in Bangalore , prepares the students for the placement opportunities in their final year. The university organises Training programmes for aptitude, communication skills,and other basic skills to be job-ready. CMR University has students getting placed in top companies like IBM, Wipro, Amazon, Deloitte, and HP to name a few.


CMR university, the best university among the top MBA colleges in Bangalore fosters students to become leaders of the future with the international curriculum, experienced faculty team, a global exposure that helps them apply their knowledge in the real-life scenario with the teaching pedagogies, and provide placement assistance and Training from the beginning of the programme. To know more, visit our campus or contact us at 9342900666; or email –  

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