Did you know – a Degree in Sociology can land you some of the highest paying jobs? 

With the emergence of new-age startups/domains, sociology career opportunities in India have been on the rise. Globalization and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) has contributed to the increased job opportunities in this field. With the scope of Humanities having widened, there are various lucrative careers you can explore. Check these out below:

Careers in Journalism

Today, Journalism is an interdisciplinary sector that touches all realms of society. For young graduates and postgraduates, job opportunities in this field abound. Students who have an inclination towards reporting on various inter/intra societal issues can explore opportunities with leading media houses, both in India and abroad.

Journalists armed with Sociology degrees can choose from numerous evergreen sub-domains.

Careers in Journalism are remunerative for fresh graduates, pay packages start from INR 4 LPA depending on the recruiting media house.

Careers in Professional Counselling

Various multinational corporations (MNCs) today have stepped up recruitment of counsellors. Apart from corporates, various governmental as well as non-governmental establishments also seek counsellors actively.

Typical salary packages, in the counselling domain, for fresh professional counsellors begin from INR 3.5 LPA. 

Careers in Government, And Public Relations 

Sociology graduates and postgraduates can look forward to taking up varied roles in the Public Relations (PR) domain; and government. 

Roles here include Account Managers, and Policy Analysts. Typical pay packages for fresh graduates begin from INR 3.0 LPA.

Best Sociology Colleges in India

CMR University in Bangalore, India, offers Sociology as a major specialization of study. This is offered through the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. The University has also introduced Design Thinking and Problem Solving modules within the academic curriculum to empower students to become true professionals by the time they graduate from the campus. Now is an exciting time to take up the study of Humanities in India. CMR University has also been a harbinger in moulding young minds towards contributing to society. For admissions, contact 9342900666 or email admissions@cmr.edu.in.


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