All You Need to Know About Bachelor in Business Analytics (BBA)

B.B.A. in Business Analytics – An Overview

With increasing dependence on technology, comes higher dependence on data. A huge amount of data is collected, preserved and analysed by big and small businesses alike. Data this complex, also referred to as Big data, comprises velocity, increasing volume and is derived from different sources. The incorporation and analysis of Big Data help businesses boost productivity and profits. Business Analytics brings together Business and Data Analytics, two of the most advancing fields today. Business Analysts analyze data generated each day to decode crucial insights that direct critical business decisions such as interpreting the popularity of products and services, etc. A BBA in Business Analytics is the first step to entering this diverse field.

Scope of Business Analyst

Business Analytics is one of the lucrative career options globally. The job market for business analysts is projected to increase at a CAGR of 14.3% by 2026! Because of their sharp analytical, consultative and problem-solving skills, tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Tata Group, Amazon, and Reliance are willing to pay higher salaries to business analysts for their professional expertise. The annual salary for a professional in this field may range anywhere from ₹3,00,000 to ₹1,290,000, the average being above ₹7,00,000. For a career as a business analyst, you can explore Human Resource Analytics, Marketing Analytics, IT Analytics, Web Analytics, Risk Analytics, and so much more!

Top Exciting Career Opportunities for BBA Business Analysts

More than 1 lakh students graduate from this course every year. In a versatile field like Business Analytics, you can choose a path based on your qualification, inclination or preferred area in terms of jobs or academics. Here are some top career opportunities for BBA graduates:

  • Market Research Analyst

With the help of surveys, intricate reports, polls and spreadsheets, a market research analyst collects information about consumer purchasing patterns, demographics, demands, and trends in order to understand existing market conditions before launching new products and services. For a better understanding of their competitors and customers as well as to study the effectiveness of applied strategies, market research analysts require a sound knowledge of techniques and statistical software. The demand for market analysts is estimated to grow at a racing 19% in the next ten years, and will not get old in the near future!

  • Statistician

In order to assist businesses in achieving operational standards through practical solutions, a statistician examines, compiles, and assesses quantitative data from experiments, surveys, and data collection. Statisticians are essential to organisations at all levels because they compile data and take into account real-time answers to determine how well a business will operate. With a mastr’s in business analytics, you can become a statistician with promising work in education, health, transportation and finance among other industries.

  • Seek Higher Education

After completing a BBA in Business Analytics, those interested in progressing academically can pursue an MBA degree in the same field. This master’s degree brings home a lot more opportunities and leadership roles in Sales, HR, Business Development, and related departments. According to a report by the US Census Bureau, MBA graduates earn up to 50% more than their fellow undergraduates. A master’s degree not only broadens your scope but also elevates your knowledge and skills – preparing you to be the best in the field.

  • A Career in Public Service

If the public sector is your calling, you can prepare for the most competitive and prestigious exam in our country, Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) for civil services. A glorious career in Indian Police Service, Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, etc., awaits you on the other side of the exam.

  • Business Translator

A business translator bridges the organisational and technical sides of a company, removing all possibilities for error, miscommunication, and confusion. With increasing dependence on technologies like AI and machine learning, a business translator’s responsibility is to bridge and ease the gap between less data-savvy laymen and technical employees.

Why CMRU is the Best for Business Analysts

A 3-year BBA in Business Analytics Course at CMRU is an exclusive combination of managerial skill projects, industrial visits, exposure to top industry experts, along with optimum theoretical knowledge. CMRU continues to be the best BBA in business analytics college in Bangalore for its unmatched faculty drawn from academia and the corporate sector so the students can have the best of both worlds. With the provision of multiple national and international internships as well as vigorous campus events, students can explore diverse interests and are equipped to make sustainable decisions, personally and professionally!To know more about the BBA in business analytics course at CMRU and the associated facilities provided to students, click here!

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