Why Design Thinking Today Is Not Merely Restricted To Being A Concept Within Textbooks

Design Thinking is today rapidly becoming a part of academic curricula across the world at both the school as well as college levels. Both mainstream and non-mainstream educators across the globe believe that Design thinking is now the key to developing smart solutions for plaguing issues. This has been leading to design/development of syllabi in academic textbooks for students from early stages. 

Does that mean design thinking is just another buzzword restricted to only conceptualization? Let’s find out.

Today’s careers are more on finding technology-driven solutions for problems
With the startup bubble having burst, smarter solutions driven by new-age technology for plaguing issues are the in-thing. These solutions are a result of smartness (of technologists, data scientists) resulting through design thinking. Now, since design thinking deals with re-analysing problems to properly define them and thereby set goals towards finding smart solutions, lateral thinking is also a byproduct of this approach.

Design Thinking and Lateral Thinking is the in-thing for today’s technologists
WIth problem solving being priority number one for technologists and data scientists, smartness is implemented only through design thinking. Ideation also assumes centrestage here; and it is not only conventional ideation but redefinition of the problem and development of designs of probable solutions to the problem using new-age technology. This naturally triggers lateral thinking which in turn is a result of design thinking. Hence, design thinking is not merely restricted to being a concept within academic textbooks; but is actually the first step towards development of modern solutions to present day problems.

Design Thinking increases intellectual capacity of students
Design Thinking acts as a stimulator of creativity and smart solutions; especially within students. This is because practical lessons become interesting if there is innovation involved while solutions/different entities are being developed. With creativity brought to the fore, students are in a better place as far as iterating multiple variants of innovations is concerned. This leads to all-round development of students who are also able to effectively grasp their academics.

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