Joining the university is an exciting time in anyone’s life that marks a new beginning full of promises. By joining the university one will encounter numerous activities like exposure to a wealth of knowledge, increase networking by meeting countless new people and paving the way for the new future.

Due to the new surroundings, it’s not a surprise that one gets overwhelmed with the new environment. But one should be aware that this results in a lot of distractions and disturbs the focus that will affect the career life in future. So, it is better to stay focused on learning than any other while entering university.

Throughout the university journey one will be learning a lot of information that seems to be overwhelming sometimes but fortunately or unfortunately all things have to be studied irrespective of they are relevant or irrelevant.

Most of the topics which one studies may not be required for the job perspective but the skills learnt will pay well in jobs as industry mostly focuses on the skill than the theory part.

One should not worry about getting admission to best universities, only the skills learned individually matters irrespective of the university. It’s true that the prestigious institutions have lot going and may seem pretty impressive on the resume, but only the individual capabilities matters a lot for the industry.

The students should ensure to have good grades throughout the graduation. The focus should be more on projects than grades, because the employers are more interested on the projects and practical skills of the students than the grades. So, ensure to have good grades while focus more on the projects and practical skills.

CMR University is a private university in the state of Karnataka, aims to promote and undertake the advancement of university education in technical, management, architecture, commerce, humanities, media studies, psychology and other allied sectors of higher and professional education. CMR University is one of the top universities in India for engineering courses/programmes across different streams namely Civil/CSE/ECE/IT/ and Mechanical.

CMR University is the new age university that offers various programmes across different streams with industry-centric curriculum and skill-oriented topics. The CMR University in collaboration with many IT giants has developed a curriculum that provides skill-oriented training for students with the non-technical background and has successfully placed them in numerous MNCs across the globe.


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